Fill the Cup

“Good morning Darling” said Hannah rather perkily. “I have a busy day but I thought it would be a good idea to drain your little cock so you can concentrate on work. You can get out of bed and kneel right here. That’s it. Here’s your cup. Now lift your night shirt so I can give your nipples what they need for you to squirt.”

I lifted up the white cotton shirt Hannah has me sleep in. She brushed my nipples with her nails.

“OK, dear, now jerk your little cock until you make your mess. I don’t have all day.” with that she began to dig her fingernails into my nipples.

“So, darling, once you’ve made you little mess I want you to shower and put on one of your panti girdles for the day. A bit later you have some corner time coming and I think it might be a good idea to give you another whipping just so you remember exactly how obedient I require you to be. The welts seem to have disappeared from your last whipping.”

I was rock hard now and Hannah’s sharp nails were sending waves of painful pleasure right to my cock.

“Stop wasting time dear, come right now.”

And I did half filling the cast iron sake cup.

“Well dear, you know what to do with that.” said Hannah “Let me see you drink it all down.”

Which, of course, I did.

So rinse that out, shower and I will leave a girdle out for you.”

Hannah turned on her heel and left me kneeling, spent and happy.


  1. Respect and straining to be a giver, server while being sweet enough to leave plenty of preLOVEjuice is so important to prove your attachments to Her!!!and the world!!!

  2. LIke you swallowing your own sperm, and also to know you are having corner time sniffing her smelly panties and also getting a good hard caning, so well rained submissive. \\\\\\yu do need to have more maintenance canings.

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