Real Obedience

submissive husband In a female led relationship it takes some time for a man to really accept his position. Or at least it has taken me several years to embrace my real status.

For the longest time I fought against Hannah’s control. Not overtly but rather by mentioning my sexual frustration. I’m afraid I was a bit of a nag. And worse, I continued to have expectations that my sexuality, my urges, while unimportant, still counted for something.

This last year has put paid to that and I have finally, and thankfully, realized my sexual urges are a matter of complete indifference to Hannah. She has, largely, forgotten I have any sex at all. Instead, I have become a chaste husband who is loved dearly by his wife. And totally ignored sexually except, once or twice a month when she wants to humiliate me, I have to jerk off into my cup while she hurries me along.

“Come on. Make that little cock spurt.” she’ll say twisting my nipple. I have, perhaps, a minute. The rest of the time she is far too busy with our lives to take the slightest notice. Of course I am still disciplined and I have learned that corner time or a good whipping is a perfect substitute for any sort of sexual fulfilment I might long for.

Best of all, Hannah has pretty much ceased to want any penetration. If I am to pleasure her my tongue is all she wants or needs, and, in fact, she usually stops me before her completion and finishes herself. I am left hard and discarded on my side of the bed.

Which makes me love her all the more.

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