Sweater Boi

Dominant Wife

Grey Angora Sweater

If I had slightly longer hair and better skin that could be me in the picture. The Lady of the House decided that, before there was any chance I would be allowed to ejaculate, I was to spend the day en femme. Panti girdle, a very pretty long line bra with breast form inserts to push it to its full “C” cup size, a wonderfully soft, grey, angora sweater and a pair of high waisted wool ladies trousers with a back zipper. Plus little heels. Hannah simply left the outfit out for me after my shower.

Once in a while I quite like having to wear women’s clothing. But I suspect this is just the beginning of a Halloween set of treats and tricks. But I am also pretty sure my darling wife will let me come sometime today.

At least I very much hope so.

Update: Silly me, I showed the Lady of the House this post…”You know you’re right, you could look a lot like that pretty girl. Just wait a moment.” She hurried off and, when she returned she had a lipstick, a bit of foundation and a short brunette wig I had forgotten she owned. Now I look almost identical to the pretty girl. Which is delightful but I am very glad I work from home.

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