Hannah Pleasured

dominant wife, pussy licking

A husband’s place

Hannah has been wonderfully active these past few days. A night ago she had me watch, hard and longing, as she masturbated. I was not allowed to do anything and certainly not allowed to even think about coming myself.

This morning Hannah told me I would be caned for being disobedient and for being jealous of a man she likes to flirt with. I begged her to let me lick her before my punishment. She thought about it a little while but finally decided to let me worship her sweet pussy. Under the covers I went and I licked her cunt swallowing all I could. I sucked her pretty little clit and, just as she was about to come Hannah pushed me away and competed herself.

I held her and, when told to, recited my disobedience.

“OK, now stretch over the bed.” she said when she got up.

I did as I was told and braced myself for her new cane. It was a short punishment but Hanna quickly understood the force of the flexible, solid plastic cane. Where the rattan canes give a sharp sting, this one followed through with more weight. Of the eight strokes I was given, three raised welts and one will certainly bruise.

Pain, pleasure, perfect.


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