The maidThe Lady of the House has me building a Kindle book of Maids. We miss out maid and are not likely to have another one for at least a year. A maid in a female led house is a lovely adjunct to the wife. Done well she helps with the day to day household routine, assists in punishments and, with the right uniform for evening, keeps the husband in a constant state of arousal. I knew, of course, that while I could lace the maid into her evening corset and, as I did, take a few liberties, I would never be allowed more than that. I also knew that our maid was instructed to tease me at will.

Ideal. Frustrating, but a chaste, submissive, husband spends a lot of time being frustrated. Part of the fun of obedience.

In any case, here is a gallery for your pleasure. I fear some of the maids in this gallery are being a bit naughty….

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