Oral Delights

The Lady of the House has been wonderfully demanding these past few days. She has kept my tongue very busy licking and sucking her pretty pussy. She like me to slip my litt le cock in once she has come so I can feel the little ripples of her contractions before being told to slip right back out.

There is, of course, no question of my coming. If there was Hannah would play with my nipples to get mw ready and then pinch hard when she wanted me to make my lttle mess. But when she is just using my cockette for her greater pleasure she goes nowhere near my nipplea so I cannor come.

“Six to ten to one seems about right.” Hannah said this morning after she had come. “Chasitity makes you so much more attentive and I want your attention. Plus, dear man, its nearly time for your maintenance whipping and you know how much you hate ro be caned just after you have been allowed to come.”


    1. Amazing. I don’t think I could go that long. More importantly, once in a while, Hannah likes my little cock in her after, of course, I have made her come. She says she likes the feeling. And I suspect she enjoys telling me I am not allowed to come when I have been stroking away in her pretty pussy for a little while.

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