After Dinner

dominant wife, submissive husbandPart of how the Lady of the House likes to run our relationship is that we are deeply conventional from the perspective of the outside world. If people looked carefully they would realize that I defer to Hannah more than most husbands do; but they would never guess that my bottom bears the bruises of the last time I was foolish enough to question her authority. But it is not enough to obey, I have to accept the fact she makes the decisions and, more importantly, that she will punish me if I don’t. And part of that means facilitating and arranging her pleasure.

Last night Hannah was determined to give her gentleman a real treat. Seeing her in her sheer teddy and stockings was a start but my sense was that she wanted to do more. A whisper in the kitchen as we were clearing confirmed this and, as we sat with dessert and wine I turned to her and said, “Darling, I think our guest would like to see more of your pretty breasts…why don’t you drop your dress for him?”

“Yes Dear.” she said letting the straps fall and exposing the sheer half cups of her teddy.

Our guest was transfixed as Hannah and I chatted and her pretty pink nipples hardened under his gaze.

She was completely relaxed, nearly naked to the waist at her dining table, her loving husband offering her ripe breasts to their guest.

“I suspect, darling, that the dear man would very much like to touch your breasts. May he?” I asked knowing he would not have presumed.

“I would like him to very much if he wants to.” said Hannah leaning in a little and looking her gentleman straight in the eye.

He did not have to be asked twice and, in a moment he was touching and caressing my dear girls’ perfect breasts.

“And I am pretty certain he would like to kiss and suck them.”

“Go ahead.” said Hannah lifting her breast out of the tiny wisp of lace which barely concealed them.

Our guest enjoyed himself for a few minutes until I told him to stop and got up to serve the coffee. When I returned to the table Hannah had re-arranged her dress and sat demurely sipping her wine…the night was off to a grand start and she smiled at me. I suspected there was more to come.


  1. This is again very erotic. It must be so much fun for your wife to play with this old gentleman, i.e. teasing him by giving him what he wants but in such a controlled environment (and thus unable to do everything he would want to do).

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