After Coffee

blow job, dominant wifeI cleared away the coffee cups and we opened the New Year’s champagne. Hannah has a special affection for champagne as it reminds her of her mildly naughty youth when she was delighted to be given the gift of champagne. I had had another word with her in the kitchen.

“So, will the Lady of the House be giving her admirer a bit of oral attention?” I asked.

“I had thought of it.” she said smiling.

“Would you like me to leave or do you want to send me to my corner for your privacy?” I asked.

“Oh no dear, I want you to watch for a little while and then, perhaps, go out for a cigarette. I’m not planning on finishing him.”

I returned to the table and, while Hannah went to the powder room, asked our guest if he would be willing to have his cock sucked by my pretty wife. Now he really was shocked. But not to the point of saying no. I suggested he change seats to allow a bit of privacy and Hannah came back to our table.

I had my orders. We toasted the New Year and, knowing it better to get these things done with dispatch I said,

“So we would very much like this to be a really memorable New Year and Hannah has one more gift for you.”

Hannah knelt between her admirer’s legs and undid his trousers. She is a very gifted fellatiotrix and in a minute or two her head was bobbing happily up and down. Slowly. I knew that she would be using her tongue and soon her teeth; but, for the moment I could see her cheeks draw in as she kept the suction on his cock.

I went out for my cigarette. Hannah caught my eye as I left. All was well. I was, after all, a man in my position and if the woman I love wants to suck another man’s cock it is entirely her choice. She had made that fact very clear when she whipped me the day before.

On my return her pace had increased and our guest was looking very contented indeed.

Perhaps a bit too contented. Hannah had no intention of letting him come. As quickly as she began she stopped.

“Happy New Year” she said looking up at him. Then she turned and, still on her knees, said, “I would like some more champagne.”

I fetched it for her.

More in love than ever.


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