An Evening

dominant wifeThe doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

Hannah had been quite clear. She was having a Miss Black for a glass of bubbly wine and, perhaps, if they got along she might put me through my submissive husband paces. But, at the very least, I was to serve and be silent.

“And Darling, I will want you dressed appropriately. I’ve left a few things in my sewing room. Get dressed and then you can go downstairs and prepare a few hors d’oeuves.”

Appropriate dress turned out to be a very tight high waisted, side zipping open bottomed girdle in white, quite thick stockings in taupe, a white underwired A-cup front closing bra, pair of beautifully pleated, thin, light cream coloured palazzo pants, a plain white blouse and a pair of cream peep toe mules. Plus Hannah had left three other items and a pretty note.


I know how much you are looking forward to serving this evening. I hope you like your outfit.

You know what to do with the lipstick and mascara. Just a hint of each.

And you know what to do with our lovely stainless steel intruder. I’m afraid you should use the lube sparingly as you’ll be holding it in for the evening and you’ll note I’ve not put out any panties. If it drops I will be very cross. Make sure you put the big end in.



I had not expected the intruder. I stripped and got a little lube. The intruder is a seven inch piece of solid stainless steel with a one inch ball at one end and a one and a half inch ball at the other. That half inch makes all the difference. When Hannah wants me to really know my place she will bend me over and use the big end on my bottom. It hurts going in and as she hand fucks me I can barely accommodate its girth. The idea of spending the evening with the heavy chunk of metal up my backdoor being held in by nothing more than my clench and its own shape was frightening.

Simply getting it up was hard. I lay down on the floor a gingerly lubed the outside of my backdoor. And then I began to push the steel up into me. The big ball stretched my tight entrance and pushed by my little sphincter. There was pain but I knew I just had to keep pushing. I stretched further and further and then, just as I thought I would have to give up, the big steel ball pushed past my last resistance and my inner ring snapped tight on the steel shaft. I lay back, panting, almost crying, knowing I still had six inches of shaft to push up my bottom. I put my hand back between my legs and drove the steel home. All the way up my ass so only the little steel ball remained exposed. I rested a moment and then, slowly, my bottom firmly clenched so as not to let the intruder slip, I got to my feet and began wrestle myself into my girdle.

Usually when Hannah has me wear a girdle I sort of bounce myself into it with a lot of half hops and wriggles. But with the intruder none too secure in my bottom I realized I would have to be quite still and, more or less, pull it up over my hips. Which I did, slowly, and, as the girdle compressed my tummy and bottom I knew I would be OK. Uncomfortable, but the discomfort actually provided a bit of security for the steel dildo in my bottom. I wish Hannah had let me wear panties but that was her decision. I zipped the girdle and watched in amazement as my waist shrank and my hips took on more feminine contours. The girdle was well padded in the rear so my flat bottom took on a more feminine shape.

The bra was easy. Hannah had trained me to hook it on at my waist and then pull it up. The effect was to pull the tiny bit of man boob she has me maintain into the cups and as I pulled the shoulder straps up the little cup filets and the rigid underwire meant I more than filled the lacy white half cups of the bra and my nipples were half exposed.

When I put on my blouse, awkwardly fumbling with the wrong sided button, you could clearly see the lace cups of my bra and my now erect nipples peeking coyly above the lace. Then I pulled on my stockings and, carefully, clipped them to the garter tabs, all six of them. The girdle was cut fairly high in front and left the head of my cockette and my testicles exposed.

The palzzo pants were made of amazingly thin, sheer, very light wool, with wide legs and a very high, slightly elastic waist. They had a long back zip which pulled the fabric tight against my padded bottom and emphasized my narrow waist. I slipped on my heels, put on the tiny bit of lipstick and mascara Hannah preferred and went downstairs.

The overall effect was not so much feminine as androgynous. As Hannah like to point out, very few men make very attractive women. What she likes to use feminine clothes to do is emasculate and humiliate me. She does not want an ugly woman in her life, rather she wants an obedient, humiliated, submissive husband.

With the stainless steel intruder up my bottom, pale pink lip stick on my lips and a pretty feminine outfit over serious foundations I was Hannah’s obedient, chaste husband ready to do what I was told.

I had all the hors d’oeuves made and plated. The champagne was in its ice bucket and I was just taking off my apron when the doorbell rang. I opened it.

“Miss Black, may I take your coat? Madame will be down in a moment.” I lead her to the second living room and left her with the smoked salmon and home made crackers. I heard Hannah’s heels clicking down the upstairs hall.

Miss Black was a beautiful brunette. Tall, very well dressed in a grey pencil skirt, lovely patent leather high heels and a well darted black silk shirt, its sleeves rolled a little to reveal a beautiful collection of gold bracelets. She walked with precision and sat, back straight, on the edge of the sofa. She did not say a word to me.

When Hannah, gorgeous in one of her favorite black Donna Karan knit sheath dresses, pretty grey heels and sheer smoke hose with her hair loosely pinned up and just a little deep red lipstick arrived in the room, Miss Black stood up and extended her hand. They met and Hannah gestured Miss Black back to her
place. She motioned me to open and pour the champagne. When I was done Hannah said, “Darling, go and wait in the kitchen. Miss Black and I would like to get to know each other privately. I’ll ring when I want you.” I was dismissed.

I spent the next three quarters of an hour three closed doors away. Finally I heard Hannah’s crystal bell. I walked to the living room.

“Darling, first I would like you to pour a bit more champagne. Then bring some more smoked salmon. Oh, and when you come back bring a nice big, full to the top, jug of ice water. Lots of ice.” I did as I was told and returned few minutes later.

“Thank you dear. Now, Miss Black and I have had a lovely chat. She’s very interested in how our marriage works. I thought you would have a nice perspective to contribute. You’re to answer all her questions. But just before you do, did you salt the ice water?”

“No dear.”

“Well go and get about a tablespoon of salt. I want that water cold.”

When I returned with the salt and had stirred it in the water Hannah spoke again. “So darling, Miss Black is a little shy and I thought, at least to begin, she would be more comfortable if you were not looking at her. So I want you to take these panties and go over to that corner behind her. Take off your palazzos and your blouse and enjoy Miss Black’s scent.”

I did as I was told and soon the wet cotton gusset Miss Black’s deliciously moist black lace panties was enveloping my nose with her deep, rich, cunty smells. Other than Hannah’s sweet pussy, I had not been this intimate with a woman since I married. And, to my shame, I was getting hard. Very hard.

“Do you like wearing a bra and girdle, Eliot?” I heard Miss Black ask.

“I didn’t used to ma’am. But Hannah has trained me to like a nice firm foundation.”

“Was that because you’re whipped if you disobey? ”

“No ma’am. I mean I am whipped for disobedience but that’s not why. I just like doing what I am told. Especially by my wife. She likes to have me in girdles, especially when she does not want to be pestered about my horniness. So, she tells me to put one on and that’s all there is to it.”

“And that cute little bra?

“If Hannah puts out a bra then that’s what I have to wear.”

“Does it make you feel sexy? Your little nipples on display all hard and erect?”

“Honestly, no. Not at all. Just the opposite. Humiliated, embarrassed…it is not how I thought my life would work out.”

“But your little cock is sure hard as you stand over there in your bra and girdle.”

Hannah cut in. “Well he won’t be hard in a little while. Right now he’s enjoying your scent. Mine has the same effect. And I keep him on a low dose of Viagra to make sure he’s ready when I want to fuck him.”

“Well that’s clever, chaste but hard when you want him.”

“Eliot, when was the last time you initiated sex?”

“I don’t really remember. ” I said.

“Oh, I think you remember. You had better remember so you never do it again”

“But darling that was the last time and it was months ago and yes I do remember.”

“He was so disobedient. He literally would not take no for an answer.”

“What happened?”

“Well, I was not going to fight him so I let him fuck me. Even twisted his nipples so he would be finished sooner.”

“Then what?”

“He remembered himself. Much too late of course. I had him lick me clean and then sent him to a corner. I had a shower and then I bent him over the bed. Started with the bathbrush and the 36 stokes with the cane. Then back to his corner. And then I did it again. He was bleeding when I was through.” Hannah said this matter of factly but I did remember. It was one of the very few times she had ever whipped me to tears. She didn’t mention that she had bound my arms, gagged me with two pairs of her panties and tied my legs to the bed frame. I had no choice but to be whipped until she was satisfied.

“As you might guess, Miss Black, there has been no more of that particular nonsense.”

“I’m sure there hasn’t. Do you whip him often?”

“Well not as often as I suspect he’d like me to. Maintenance every ten days or so, correction as required. As we have lived this way for well over six year I think Eliot has really understood his place. He’s rarely directly disobedient. He’ll still talk back occasionally but a bit of corner time usually puts a stop to that. What do you think dear, have I spared the whip and spoiled the husband?”

“Not at all dear.”

“But am I right in thinking you would like to be whipped more often?”

“Well, darling that is a bit complicated. I assume Miss Black that Hannah has told you a little about how sexual matters are handled in our relationship?

“She has and it sounds ideal. I’d love to only have sex when I am on heat.”

“So would a lot of women. Basically sex only for two or three prime days a month with a few orgasms when the spirit moves the wife. Now in our relationship I am never allowed to come without Hannah’s express permission and that permission is a rare and reluctant gift.

Over time I’ve learned to, somehow, derive a near orgasm from Hannah’s whippings. So I miss those as well as sex.”

“Men are amazing aren’t they Miss Black…Look at him. Just talking about this makes him all hard and he’s shaking. Well, if you are feeling a little less shy, lets cool him down.”

(to be continued)

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