An Evening – Part II

dominant wife, submissive husband(Part 1 is here)

I knew what was coming. And I was not looking forward to it one bit.

“Put the water jug on the floor at the end of the coffee table Dear.” said Hannah. I did and waited for her next instruction.

“Kneel. That right, knees on either side of the jug. Perfect! Now Miss Black, a really well trained husband does exactly what he is told to do. And he does it until he is told to stop. Ready Darling…okay, lower your little balls and that silly cockette into the ice. That’s it dear. Now here is your kitchen timer…Four minutes should be about right.”

The shock of the iced water on my testicles was enough to make me forget how embarrassed I was to be kneeling in front of a strange woman in a bra, girdle and stockings. And then the ice hit the steel intruder up my bottom and I could feel it cooling in me. Hannah kept right on talking.

“Elliot loves this little old fashioned kitchen timer. I can be forgetful and a couple of times I have simply left him in his corner all afternoon. In fact, one day I went shopping and he simply had to stand there naked until I came back. And I often send him to a corner in my closet where he can enjoy his mindfulness in the dark. But, out of sight, out of mind.”

“So you set a timer.” said Miss Black.

“I do. And he can hear it. Not that he is allowed to move without permission; but at least I don’t forget him. Now take a look at that little cock. Still hard and trying but if you look at his balls…”

“They’re gone.”

“They are. Men are so odd. I looked it up and what happens is that they retract. Much prettier I think.” said Hannah with a smile. “But we’re doing something new today. Elliot put a big steel intruder up his bottom before you came. I think he has been doing a wonderful job keeping it in but now it is going to get very cold. Can you feel it Dear?”

“Yes Ma’am, it is getting cold all the way up.”

“Wonderful. You see, Miss Black, we have had a female led, disciplinary relationship for years and the problem is that, eventually, there is a certain sameness to the canings and the corner time. I am always looking for new ways for Elliot to show his submissiveness. Having you here is one of them. Having a big steel dildo up his bottom is another but freezing that dildo really puts a lovely spin on things.”

It was, I fear, excruciating. My back passage was twisting and cramping from the cold and I was not at all sure I could make it through the minute or so remaining. Tears were forming as I knelt. I think Hannah sensed that I was close to the edge.

“Stand up Dear, you’ve had enough…now go and dry off and get dressed. You can join us.”

My balls were still retracted as I dried myself. The cramps were abating slightly when I put on my blouse and my palazzos. I brought another bottle of wine and my little glass – Hannah does not mind me having a glass or two of wine but I have to ask permission for each one.

“Ah, there you are…feeling a little better?”

I quickly knelt at her side. “Thank you Ma’am. Much better.”

“Good, sit down here.” said Hannah pointing to the floor beside her beautiful legs. I sat.

“May I have a glass of wine?”

“Of course Dear. And crawl over and serve Miss Black more wine as well.”

Which I did and then returned to my place at Hannah’s feet.

“He is beautifully trained.” said Miss Black.

“Isn’t he? But I think it is now well beyond trained, it is who he is. Elliot is completely imprinted to me. I don’t think he even considers what I tell him to do. He just obeys.”

“Is that because he is scared of being whipped?” asked Miss Black.

“Not really, not now.” said the Lady of the House with a knowing smile. “Maybe in the beginning before I really understood how to lead him and just how submissive he is by nature.”

“But you were saying he’s really an Alpha male in the world.” said Miss Black.

“Of course he is. I was not going to marry a wimp or some loser who was psychologically damaged. I wanted and have a husband who I respect and who is respected in the world. Who can make a good living and keep me in the style I prefer. I love Elliot dearly because he is all those things. And more.”

“Is he? Sorry to be so inquisitive but during the week isn’t there a huge contradiction between a man running a multi million dollar business and a man who is sent to bed every night in a nightie and only has sex when he is allowed to by his wife?”

“Not that I can see, Miss Black; but what about it Elliot. Is it a contradiction?”

Sitting at Hannah’s feet I was amused by the question. Early on we looked at the question of two alphas in a female led relationship.

“Actually, Miss Black, there is no contradiction; just a sense of it being right for us to have Hannah in charge. You have, no doubt, read the cliché about how powerful men want to be dominated. To a degree that is true. But what is even more true is that when I am not running my business I don’t want to be in charge. I want to have my routine, know my place, do what I am told and do it with a sense of style.
Style is important. For example, I would absolutely hate it if Hannah had me dress as a faux woman. I am too big, too gawky to really pull it off well and I hate not doing things well. As it is, Hannah likes me to, on occasion wear feminine clothes and underpinnings. She knows it humiliates me and makes me feel very submissive indeed. Which is what she wants me to feel and what I enjoy feeling.”

“You like the humiliation?” asked Miss Black.

“To a degree. Of course if I really liked it I would not be humiliated and the whole thing would be a waste of time. So, would I rather be sitting up on a chair in a pair of khakis and a golf shirt? Yes. But I am not allowed to so I wear what Hannah puts out for me.”

“And your nighties? How do you wake up ready to take on the world when you have to first change out of a little cotton nightie?”

“Well, Miss Black, he has no choice at all in the matter. Years ago, when I first decided to keep him chaste when I didn’t want him, he had been sleeping naked or in a t-shirt. He’d get excited, particularly in the morning, and even though he very rarely pushed himself on me, it was obvious what he wanted. And when I put him on the low dose Viagra it was even worse. I had to come up with a solution and I started with some control panties. But they looked silly and the pantie girdles I now have him wear to bed most of the month looked even sillier. But I can’t see them under his nightie. So that is what he wears to bed. It is now the most natural thing in the world for both of us.”

Miss Black looked a bit perplexed. She seemed to squirm a bit in her chair. And then, I suspect without thinking too much about it asked, “But wouldn’t you like to wake up to a real man in bed instead of, well, your servant?”

“Good heavens no. In any great marriage there is always a partner who is in charge. In many marriages there is this illusion that the husband is the dominant partner when, in fact, the wife is actually in charge. Marriage is a profoundly female institution. I suspect, left to their own devices, men would rarely marry and almost never actually honour their vows. That “real man” in my bed is very likely to be down the street in your bed, without my permission, unless he is smart enough to accept my leadership and authority.”

“And that authority comes from this: Elliot, take out your cock and masturbate for me.”

There being no fly I had to unzip the back of the palazzos which fell to the floor. I began to stroke my cock.

“In the last eight years Elliot has not touched his cock – except to pee – without my direction or my permission. He will stand there humiliated, stroking his little cock until I tell him to stop. He won’t come, he won’t go soft, he’ll just do what he is told. And he’ll be thrilled to do it even dressed in stockings, girdle and a bra because he knows he is entirely mine.

Now Darling, put your little cock away and pull up your pants. I’d like a little more wine and you can get a bit more cheese for us. And then I think its time for you to go to bed.”

I dressed, poured the wine and fetched the cheese. Those tasks done I asked my beautiful Hannah for permission to do to bed.

“Yes Dear. But pay your respects to Miss Black before you say goodnight.”

I was unsure what Hannah really meant by that but you can never go wrong kneeling. So I did. “Good night Miss Black. Thank you for your gift of scent and for coming to Hannah’s home.”

“Would you like me to leave my panties?” asked Miss Black catching us both by surprise.

“We’d be honoured. Elliot get up and fetch a ziplock bag. You can keep them in your lingerie drawer for special occasions.”

I got to my feet. “Yes Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.” I said to Hannah. I did not thank Miss Black as it was hardly my place to.

When I came back to the living room her pretty panties were on the coffee table.
I knelt before my wife. “Good night darling. Thank you.”

“Goodnight. Now tuck the panties into the bag and seal it then wait for me in bed. Miss Black and I may be a little while.

And they were.

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  1. I have had my cock and balls soaked in cold water, and what a punishment it is. How did you feel sniffing Miss Blacks panties? True humiliation

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