“Darling,  thank you so much for posting the Amazon items.  I know it’s a lot of work but it’s fun to see what people buy and,  well if we are ever going to get a cage for your little cock we’re going to have to work hard. However…” She said slipping her hands under her skirt and slipping  off her panties. “I think you need a little corner time to focus before cocktails.  When you hear the timer go off put on one of your girdles and one of your pretty camis and bring down your nipple clips. Having your nipples clipped for cocktails always makes you  nice and hard. And don’t forget your tablet. You might as well have a bit of fun with your little cock while you still can.”

I Immediately did what I was told and, standing in my corner, engulfed in Hannah’s sweet scent, I realised she had pretty much decided to cage me.


  1. Be careful with the cheap imitation of the CB6000s made in China. It will break in no time. Only buy the original from AL Enterprises.

    Also, if you are staying chaste, why do you need to be belted? They are pretty uncomfortable and if worn at night, really painful when you get nightly erections. More for fun at times or if the wife is away. Do you cheat by masturbating and she no longer trusts you?

      1. Never cheat? (masturbate without permission). That is very impressive. Most men, including me, try hard to stay chaste but succumb to the urge, especially when alone in the house. You must have great willpower!

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