The Lady of the House Needs Stockings

“Darling…When you have finished doing my hand washing but before you get down to work, I need a couple of pairs of pretty, black, sheer seamed stockings. Make sure you order them for me.” said Hannah.

So I did. The days are getting shorter and there is a little coolness in the air. As she had me masturbate last night Hannah was very eager to tell me how she might amuse herself this winter. But, first, ever the elegant Lady of the House, there are things she needs.

Delightfully, Amazon has wonderful stockings in every size and at various price points. I ordered two pairs of these stockings for Hannah. The real deal, fully fashioned with a Cuban Heel and a keyhole welt. I’ll be spending a good deal of time fastening her back garter tab to that welt. It is wonderful that these beautiful filmy stockings are still being made. Only a very few women really know how wonderful real stocking feel and only a very few men are lucky enough to worship the woman who wears them.

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