A Nice Firm Girdle

submissive husband

Time to get Serious

“Now Darling” said Hannah as I brought her tea in bed, “I’ve been thinking about how we’re going to proceed for the Fall. I want you to lose a few pounds. Say ten and to remind you of what I would like you to obtain, after your shower, when you are getting dressed I want you to put on one of your panti-girdles for the day. I know it will be uncomfortable at first but, if you get your exercise and watch what you eat and drink, by the end of the month you should be able to wear your girdles daily without too much discomfort. To start you can take your girdle off at cocktail time but we’ll extend that next week and, by month’s end, I will expect you to be girdled from the time you get up until you get into your nightie. I want that tummy flat by October.”

Nothing to say really. When we agreed that Hannah would make the decisions in the house I suspect I knew she would start wanting me to be a bit fitter. But, as I type this in my long legged Playtex girdle I realize it is going to be a long month.

UPDATE: A couple of my loyal readers have asked for a picture of the garment in question. I would love to oblige

but a girdled selfie would be more than a little unattractive and the particular Playtex girdle I have on is vintage and not findable online – I did look.

However, the piece looks very much like this girdle which I found at Amazon.

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