“Why don’t you go upstairs and wait beside the bed. I had such a lovely time yesterday…” said Hannah.

I hastened to obey. When Hannah tells me to wait beside the bed that means the I am to brush my teeth, wash my hands carefully and strip down to my panties – which meant I could take my girdle off for a little while. (If she had no use for my cock she just tells me to leave my girdle on.)

I got ready and was quite hard in my panties when Hannah finally arrived. She slipped her dress off and stepped out of her panties.

“Why don’t you lie on your back. Perfect.”

I lay down as instructed and only barely had time to prop my head up with a pillow before Hannah sat her beautiful pussy directly on my mouth. She faced away so my nose was pressed tightly into her sweet rose. I know what to do and was soon rewarded with her moisture running across my lips and down my chin.

My job is to lick and suck until Hannah is satisfied. I know she is satisfied partially by the rhythm of her body grinding into my face and partially because as she comes she releases so much lovely juice that I have trouble swallowing it all as she prefers.

Now when I am lying on top concentrating on her hard little clitty  I am usually sent to my corner while she finishes in privacy. Then, as yesterday, she want me to slip my cock  in her and stroke. She like the feeling that my little cock gives her as she is coming down off her peak. Once she’s had enough of that she will put her hands on my hips which is my signal to withdraw.

However, when she starts on top, after she has had her orgasm, there is always the chance Hannah will push down my panties and fuck me that way. She requires me to put both my hands under my bottom when she is riding me like this. And I am only allowed to come if she’s pinching my nipples. Other wise I just have to lie there and follow her delicious lead. Which mainly means not falling out of her drenched cunt as she grinds herself against me. She can fuck me like this for quite a while.  The Viagra she makes me take means that I stay hard even when I am not allowed to come or even thrust very much.

As she fucks me Hannah loves to kiss me and bite my neck a little. It turns her on when I turn my head and deliberately expose my neck to her. And she’ll grab my shoulders and drive her nails in while she is fucking me.

“Lift up your knees and spread your legs, slut.” she whispered to me.  I obeyed and she kept her rhythm. I could feel her getting wetter and her heart was pounding.  She sunk her teeth into my shoulder to muffle her triumphant cry of pleasure and then lifted her soaking pushy of my cock.

“Lovely… Let me catch my breath and then you can lick me dry and get dressed. I really do love you darling. It’s so much better this way. “

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