Discipline in a Female Led Marriage

ARRRRGH….is never a sound I like to hear from Hannah. She’d just written a comment on another blog (Respecting Mistress) in response to the question “can you have a Female Led Marriage without an element of punishment when the husband disobey or displeases the wife? Always ready to help I offered to put her very sensible response here until she can get to her own computer and site. Needless to say, I agree with every word she’s written.

“I can’t imagine my female led relationship – which is going into its eight year – without having complete freedom to correct Elliot as required.

Now that does not always involve caning him although that is certainly effective. But sending him to his corner, sending him up to bed, clipping his nipples or putting his equipment in an ice bucket are all effective punishments. And the long term application of a disciplinary regime combined with chastity has made him a far better, more considerate, more respectful and, I believe, much happier husband. He is certainly much better behaved than my girlfriend’s husbands to the point where they ask me “my secret”. When I tell them that sparing the cane spoils the husband they never believe me the first time. But over the years a couple of them have experimented and both now lead their marriages to the greater happiness of both couples.

A good, hard caning puts a man firmly in his place in a way that nothing else will. Cane your husband regularly and he will be grateful and attentive. Combine that with enforced chastity and lots of teasing and he’ll be delightful company and very productive.

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