Overnight firmness

husband in girdle overnight

Put on your girdle, I’m going to sleep

“Of course you’re hard darling. Your little cock gets excited when you watch me undress for bed and this cute little nighty just adds to your frustration. Which we both enjoy. I like to see my boi all excited and throbbing which is why I was stroking you while you rubbed my back. But that’s it for tonight. No you may not get your cup and it is pretty cheeky of you even to ask.”

Hannah rolled over and the hem of her whispy nighty rode up her thigh. I reached down and lightly touched her beautiful, cream white skin.

“Stop it. I told you I was tired… No I mean it. This is when I really wish we had one of those cock cages. I could lock your little cock up and only let you out once or twice a month. But we don’t so go and put one of your tighter girdles on. I want you to remember that you have sex when I want you to.”

I got out of our bed, erection pushing the thin cotton of my nighty out a bit in front. I went to my drawer and found a fresh panti girdle. “This one darling?”

“Just as long as it is good and tight and will keep your little cock in line I don’t care. Pull it on and get back to bed. This will be a good trial run for your having a sleeping girdle on under your nightie every night. See you in the morning.”

I write this at 7:12 in the morning. I’ve slept with my girdle for seven hours having worn a similar girdle yesterday for nearly ten. Hannah is asleep beside me and does not require tea before 8:30 normally so that is the earliest I might be able to have a break. I fear that my cock awoke hard and confined. I can’t imagine what being caged for weeks at a time would be like.

Maybe I should put one of the cheap cages on a wish list and some kind (or cruel) person might buy it for me. I could take pictures of my cock going in its cage and the pictures of it when it got hard in the cage. That might be interesting.

I don’t think there is anything sexy about my flesh coloured girdle. Hannah sees my foundations as “practical” which means white or flesh coloured. The are for control and, sometimes, punishment so she orders them in unflattering colours. I really envy the lucky husband who got two really pretty Rago side zip panti girdles. Sure, it will take a little while to get used to having a girdle on most of the time but having one of those on would let a man really know his place and how much his wife really did love him.

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