Interactive Chastity

cock cage, male chastity device, chaste husband

My cock’s new home?

Not sure I like the sounds of what my lovely Hannah wrote after all sorts of tempting hints at this afternoon’s activities.

I am leaving the question of locking his little cockette up to my readers. I have this rather elegant cock cage on my wishlist at Amazon. If you want Elliot to be locked in chastity under his girdle all you need to do is click on the link. I don’t think he’ll like being locked up but I think it is something I would like to try on him. Needless to say he has no choice in the matter and I will be instructing him to post this on his blog as well. a dominant wife

Instructions are instructions and, even if one of our readers decides to help Hannah lock me up it will take at least a couple of weeks before the thing gets here.


  1. So like your post Elliot tried to post Hannah did not go ???
    We have been married 35years and in a FLR for 4months your blog has been so helpfull as your books have I like you feel privileged to now serve my wife after having fully submitted to her both you and Hannah are amazing how you both write down your life and share it with wife has instructed me comment as you need to know what a help you have been.

    1. Glad to help. When we started one of my duties was to find material for Hannah to read. There is lots out there but I had a hard time finding material which covered our, particular, take on FLR. So Hannah told me to start writing and here we are.

      Enjoy submitting to your wife, it makes life much easier and far more entertaining.


      1. Thanks for your reply yes tend to agree on the books but I must say I found your books to be both informative and exciting therefore held my attention which is not easy.

  2. Good morning Elliot
    I have a question during the past nearly 5months I am allowed to orgasim as my wife sees fit ,which is fine and like yourself find the longer she has me wait the more attentive I become .
    When I am allowed to release sometimes inside her I seem to go into this head spin of thoughts I have read several guys in FLR relationships call it orgasim hangover and that’s how it feels.
    My question to you is as you have been in this FLR for sometime does this happen to you and if so how do you deal with it.
    Reading the Blog of your loverly lady
    Miss Hannah would lead me to believe her tolerance in this area would be fairly low.
    Many Thanks in advance

  3. (elliot writing) I know what you mean. Once you are allowed to come, especially after a long period of chastity it is very easy to lose focus.

    I think Hannah has worked this out quite well: the only possible time of the month during which I might be allowed to come in her – which is a rare event – are those few days in her cycle when she is “on heat”.

    We begin there. Then I am never allowed any relief when she is menstruating and usually for a few days before that. So there are three or so days a month where I can hope for the ultimate pleasure and roughly ten where there will be no relief under any circumstances.

    Because my sexuality is entirely subordinate to Hannah’s cycle in a sense I have no choice but to maintain focus. Hannah supports this with regular maintenance canings and plenty of corner time for mindfulness. And she is not in the least bit shy about correcting what she sees as inattention to my position.

    As a chaste, submissive husband my focus needs to be and is on Hannah’s happiness and pleasure. I might have ejaculated ten minutes or ten days before I serve Hannah but it is my responsibility to be completely present for her when she requires me.

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