The Pleasures of Maids

maid, submissive maid, spanking the maid

Naughty Maid Art

I have been working away on Hannah’s book about Escorting for Elegant Women but it is still far from complete.

Just for fun I put all my maid art together in a pretty little – well actually quite large (100 pages) – Kindle Book. The Art of the Maid has drawings and cartoons of maids as well as an introduction Hannah and I wrote. We had a wonderful maid and we’re looking forward to having another once we get on with expanding our house. The Lady of the House has even more fun when she can enjoy the attentions of a really well trained lady’s maid.

One note: If you are an Amazon Prime user – and you should be if you are eligible – you can “borrow” The Art of the Maid free…and don’t worry, Hannah’s champagne fund is still paid.

Key thing…your first 30 days of Amazon Prime are Free…so you can download lots of books.

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