Maintenance Caning

dominant wife, submissive husband“Well, here you are.” said Hannah coming into our room. I was naked, kneeling on our bed, head down and arms over my head which is the position Hannah prefers if she is not tying my wrists. As this was a maintenance caning she probably would not tie me.

“I really have been a bit neglectful haven’t I. I don’t think you’ve been whipped since the beginning of the month. Probably because you have been so obedient about wearing your girdles. And Hasn’t that paid off? I know you still have a pound to go to reach your target, and I may decide you need to lose another few pounds, but I think this last month has been good for you. Plus, you have really been very good these last couple of weeks when I have teased your little cock. No whining, no pleading – I think you really do understand your position.”

“But, and this is important, I am not going to let you come until your little cock cage gets here. Then I’ll let you fill your cup and then lock you up for a little while. We’ll see how that goes. Ready?”

“Yes, Miss.”


Pretty much instantly six strokes of the light rattan cane cracked across my bottom. I vocalized on the last two.

“Excellent…now don’t move. I think that your maintenance has been too matter of fact when it happens at all. Now that Fall is here we can make sure your maintenance is memorable…Ready?”

“Yes Miss.” I said thinking that this was very different.

The cane sliced through the air and slashed my bottom six more times. I could feel the welts rising.

At last it was over. Hannah handed me a pair of her very moist panties.

“Much better. Now pull on your girdle and take these to your corner. I’ll call you when I am ready for cocktails.”

I did as I was told and the girdle, as Hannah knew it would set fire to the six crimson welts which overlay the six stripes. Where they had crossed I could even now see the bruises forming. I went to my corner and pushed my nose into the deeply scented gusset of Hannah’s pretty panties. In love.


  1. I have been reading your blog and your wife’s blog, which I have discovered only very recently (about four or five days ago). I love both your blogs. They have a singular tone that is very erotic A tone that speaks of elegance, yet that is not shy to say things very directly. This mixture of elegance/directness is what makes your blog different, new.

    I am a man, by the way. This is not obvious from my pen name: EDAS.

    I look forward to your getting that cock cage. I presume that your wife will enforce an even greater state chastity on you. I hope she will.

    As for me, I do not wear a cock cage. I masturbate every day and fuck my wife every two or three weeks — yet I do not come either through masturbation or through fucking. Well, save for the occasional accident. I actually enjoy NOT having orgasms. I enjoy being sexually high, being ‘horny’ all the time. And the problem with orgasms is that they bring you back down to this dull things called “earth”.

    All the best,


  2. Wow Elliot you have a very impressive wife love the moist panties myself the scent drives every senser in my body to the limit so loving this life style why have I waited till now we never argue at all now the lady is always correct so no tension I have had to alter my thought process but what a small effort to make that gives such a fantastic out come and does make our lives exciting . lady Hannah delights both of us with the way she handles you so clever any news on your cage,we went out for breakfast this morning and your pending cage was discussed my princess could not believe that it would inhibit your erections her words poor Elliot.In bed have just been given my chores for the morning so love her , I am due 15 strokes after her cup of tea think they will be hard as we have a 3 day weekend and wants me attentive take care mate

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