submissive husband

Not right at this moment

Hannah and I are constantly amused and impressed at the lengths some of the couples we read about go to demonstrate the husband’s position in their female led marriages. Perhaps because we have been doing this for quite a long time we don’t seem to work quite that way.

There are constants. We have one sexuality, Hannah’s and my sexual urges are entirely subsumed to hers. I do what I am told. Backchat, sarcasm, and any hint of snark is corrected pretty much immediately whether with the cane or the corner. I am caned a minimum of twice a month to remind me of my position.

Perhaps the only real demonstration of my position which is out of the ordinary is when Hannah has a girlfriend over I am expected to serve and she may, to make her point, send me to my corner or to bed so she can enjoy girl time.

Now, I suppose from an objective perspective, the fact I am typing this in a relatively tight girdle, would be a significant demonstration of my subordinate position. And the fact I have not ejaculated for three weeks might suggest my position.

However, generally, Hannah exercises her feminine authority with a light, elegant touch. She is just not a whips and chains sort of girl.

Every couple organizes their marriage differently and this is no less true of female led marriages than the more vanilla kind. That Hannah chooses to use her power sparingly does not mean she can’t change her mind. From my perspective it is none of my business. She does what she sees fit. I do what I am told.

Works for us.


  1. I recall reading fairly recently the evening with a Miss Black (I believe that was her name). It was a very sexy post. I loved that you had — I hope I am not making this up — to show Miss Black your cock in its erect state. But not as an object to be praised and looked at in amazement — rather as an object of idle curiosity and funny too in a way for the two women present (your wife who was controlling things quite well, thank you, and Miss Black). Yes, “an object of idle curiosity”, and a bit “funny”, which of course was a way to show you your place in the sexual totem pole.

  2. I just checked. There two posts titled “An evening” with a part I and a part II. Too bad you don’t date your posts — It’s be nice if I could refer your other readers to a date.

  3. Hi Elliot
    Fully agree with you but you are so far into your journey I feel we are still on base one, also the lady Hannah well what can one say.We are so great full for your words hard for you to understand perhaps but this is a learning curve for us both however that being said we love it yes you are right Elliot it’s all about our precious wives we have had a tough week but our FLR has endured and yes it’s all about my loverly lady love her to bits

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