Wonderfully Busy

a lady's vibrator

Starting the morning right

“Darling”, said Hannah in lovely, just woke up and I’m enjoying looking at you in your corner sort of voice, “After you get my tea I want you to get to work on those Kindle Books we discussed. The 50’s Fun book is too silly but people seem to like it.”

I could hear Hannah rustling in bed.

“So today I want you to finish off “Questions for Miss Jay” and that book of 50’s Men’s Magazine covers you seem so keen on. Though I can’t imagine why. You must have found some when you were growing up. In any case, get those two done and then get to work on Avails. I thought that link over at the book site about good girls getting escort training was great fun. Now fetch my vibrator and go and make tea. And rinse out those panties.”

I did as I was told and the vibrator was humming as I went downstairs to make my darling her tea. And now her Escorting Questions book and my hommage to the naughty magazines of the 50’s are being reviewed by Amazon.

A lovely way to spend a rainy morning.

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