Questions from Escorts – Done!

how to escort book

Escorts’ questions answered

“Well aren’t you the clever boy”, said Hannah as I brought her morning tea. “Here my panties and you can stand in your corner while I finish reading.”

Off I went and dropped my dressing gown and pressed the pretty lace into the corner with my nose. A lovely way to start the day. Hannah was propped up in our bed and I could hear her chuckling softly as she flipped through the pages of Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun.

“Done. And I must say you’ve done a good job. Of course the big book is going to take more time. But I like this one. Now you go and shower, get your girdle on and put up links on all that social media you keep on about. But first, come over here.”

So I did, and have.

This is a quirky sort of book. Hannah doing the research for her book on Escorting for Elegant Women talked to a lot of escorts who have, in turn, asked her all sorts of questions. From how to be a mistress – in the old sense of the word – to finding the right man to buy you your high heels. I think Hannah has a wonderful style and she writes with a real sense of fun. You can get Questions for Miss Jay:An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun here.

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