Chastity Adjustments

“I am so glad you find your little cage comfortable darling.  Because I very much enjoy having your little cock out of sight and largely out of mind. Now come here and I’ll unlock you for your shower. Two minutes.  Cold water and don’t lock the door.  Now scoot.” Hannah said as she sipped her tea in bed.

I spent all day yesterday locked up and my cage was under my nightie when, after Hannah had teased me until I was hard to see how my cage handled my erection, Hannah told me to turn out my light.

I am beginning to realize Hannah has no plans to let me have time out of my cock cage unless she happens to want my cock for something which is very seldom. Her choice. As ever.

I returned shivering from my shower.

“Perfect. Now put the cage back on and I’ll lock you up. Then you can lick me for a little while before you go to your corner.”

The padlock clicked shut and, naked except for my cage, I had the exquisite pleasure of licking the Lady of the House and sucking her perfect clit. I got hard in my cage and, by the time Hannah sent me to my corner for her privacy, my cock was bulging out the side of the cage.

Hannah took her time and hearing her little moans and sighs made me all the harder. At last she came and lay panting on our bed.

“OK darling, I’m done. Lick me all nice and dry and clean. You can start with my fingers.”

Hard in my cage I knelt before my sweet mistress and did what I was told.

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