What a lot of Naughty Books…

Hannah has always encouraged me to build Kindle Books about our relationship but also about all manner of topics of a mildly naughty nature which I find intriguing. I have been building a few a month for a year or two and, good Heavens, what a lot that turns out to be.

bondage magazine, BDSM

Naughty girls tied up

The most recent is a set of bondage magazine covers from the 1970’s and 1980’s. One of the things which I enjoy about the older magazines is the lively innocence of the models. They are playing in various titilating ways.

You can see all the books I’ve made, and Hannah has approved, at my new Amazon author’s page. The author’s page is really rather slick.

Here are two free books to start your week with a little lingerie fun:

50’s Lingerie 50’s gals in stockings, girdles and bullet bras.

And So to Bed Pretty Girls in Nighties

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