“You do look cute, if a little cold standing in your corner with nothing on but your little black cock cage.” said Hannah sipping her tea in bed. “I’ve made you a little list of things I expect you to have accomplished by Christmas. Nothing too extreme… Just a dozen Kindle books and this year’s Christmas cards and a couple of other things. And I want you to lose another five pounds and tighten up your thighs, bottom and tummy. So you’ll be back in your girdle during the day and walking and some squats and bench steps before your shower and again after you get the dishes put away after dinner.”

“You’ll be putting your girdle on after your morning exercise and shower and it’s not coming off until after dinner.”

“I have to say I am really impressed with your little black cock cage. It keeps you completely out of the way and you can even shower in it. I’m hoping to get you a stiffer plastic cage or even a metal one when I want to remind you of your position, but for everyday, this little cage is perfect.”

“So, after I get up, rinse out those panties and the two bras I’ve left by the sink, then exercises, shower, girdle and get to work on your list.”

I heard Hannah get out of bed and head towards her ensuite. My day had begun and Advent was upon us.

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