“So you just keep standing there pushing my nice moist panties into your corner. I want to see how hard your little cock can get in its cage.”

I was, as I always am for my morning corner time, naked except for my cock cage. Hannah ran her hand over my bottom.

“We’ll have to give you a good whipping over the weekend. I think you look better with welts and it makes going to church a bit more fun to see you fidgeting in your girdle.”

She slipped her hand between my cheeks and I could feel first one and the two of her fingers slip into my backdoor while she began stroking my nipples with her other hand.

“And maybe I should get your rod for your little backdoor. Put it up you for cocktails so you are all nice and stretched if I want to peg you after your whipping. You’d like that wouldn’t you. At least your little cock seems to be getting very hard in your cage… We’ll, darling, I’m sure your exercises will take care of your cute little election and that little dribble of pre cum will rinse off in the shower. I’ll just go and wash my hands and set your timer. When you hear it ring you may leave your corner and get on with your day.”

With that I felt Hannah’s fingers slide out of my bottom and she gave my left nipples a pinch between the nails of her thumb and middle finger as she does when she wants me to come. But there was none of that this morning. Just the vicious pinch and then silence as I push no nose further into the cotton gusset of her panties and felt my hard cock broken by its cage.

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