Caged Pleasures

Hannah had been a bit intense all day and I thought I might be in for a maintenance whipping when she came to our bedroom around three. She took off her trousers and tossed her panties in my corner and lay back on our bed. “Well, get to work.” she said spread her legs. And I did.

I liked and sacked her sweet button and,rather quickly my darling Hannah grew close to coming.

“My panties are in your corner… Off you go.” I kissed her wet Pussy and did as I was told. A minute or two later I could hear her bucking and moaning as she gave herself sweet relief in privacy. My nose was pressed to the panties into my corner.

“Too bad you’re locked up and the keys downstairs. It might have been fun to feel you little cock in me. Get me a fresh pair of panties.”

I hastened to comply and watched as Hannah slipped them on.

“I like you caged”, she said, “It feels right for you. Especially when you get excited pleasuring me. For a moment there I thought your cock would feel nice but, without the key, I realized today was not one of those days. Not one of those days at all.”

I went back to work.


  1. I just found your blog and i’m thrilled. You are so lucky! How long do you usually have to go between orgasms? Do you get milkings while in chastity? Are you concerned with prostate health?

    1. Hi John… Sorry to take so long to approve your comment. I now that I have his chastity I keep elliot locked 24/7. Why not? The soft shell device is not uncomfortable and it means his little cock gets no stimulation at all without my permission.

      I do milk him occasionally. Sometimes my own schedule is a bit off and I miss my own heat and therefore have no use for elliot’s little cock. When that happens and when I remember I either have him quickly masturbating into his little cup or I shove the cute little black prostate vibe up his back door and leave him to soak a few tissues. Always, of course, with his hands tied behind his back. I suppose now that he really can’t touch his locked up cock I don’t have to tie his hands. Once or twice a month is more than sufficient for prostate health although I have read that a week of constant draining keeps every thing supple.

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