The Gift of Surrender

Over at her blog Hannah has been discussing her views of the ways in which a dominant woman can tame and train an Alpha male. And, of course, she’s right;but the other side of the equation is important to understand.

A bright, aggressive, successful man is not going to suddenly fall under the spell of a dominant woman. Instead he will meet a women who intrigues him and then she will discover and bring out his submissive side. If he has one. Plenty of men don’t. They are just as aggressive and dominant in the bedroom as the boardroom. And plenty of women throughly enjoy the pleasures of being at the mercy of a powerful man.

But for men who are able to let go of their Alpha male personas either in the bedroom or around their marriage generally the rewards can be huge. First off, putting your wife first makes your own life simpler. While healthy couples discuss most issues in a Female Led Marriage the wife makes the decision. As a loving, submissive, husband, once your wife has made up her mind you do what you are told. No back chat or second guessing.

In the bedroom, at least in our bedroom, I am now locked in my cock cage which means for me to even have a comfortable erection I have to ask Hannah to unlock me. Which I never do because Hannah’s invariant and correct response is “no”. That, by the way, is really the only difference being caged makes – before I could get hard without permission, now I can’t.

I am certainly allowed, even encouraged to ask to pleasure Hannah but that is all I am allowed. Asking for relief of my own needs never works and, if I am annoying, will lead to half an hour in my corner or a whipping or both.

What all of this does is eliminate my need to be anything but devoted and considerate. When I stop work for the day I stop having to make decisions. Hannah has routines for me and if I am at a loss she is more than happy to tell me exactly what to do.

By giving up any power at all in our marriage I have gained peace and contentment I never thought possible. Hannah, from time to time, makes demands or indulges little quirks;but she is always in charge. As she should be.

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