Church then Whipping

“Of course we’re going to Church,” said the Lady of the House six minutes before the service began in our wonderful little Church seven minutes from our front door. I’m afraid I said something a bit disrespectful as to Hannah’s lateness. As we walked at speed to Church she leaned over to me, “And when we get home we’ll take care of your snarky comment.”

Church passed quickly and we soon were walking home. Hannah had enjoyed the service and we had fun dissecting the sermon. And, truth to tell, I was pretty sure Hannah had forgotten all about my remark. I was wrong. As I took off her coat she said, “You can go up to your corner and wait for me. Don’t bother apologising. I really should have whipped you before we went to Church and you could have enjoyed a well welted bottom on the pew for an hour. But we’ll make up for that now.”

I did as I was told and about fifteen minutes later I heard Hannah coming up the stairs. “You can get into position.” was all she said.

I knelt on our bed. No warm up. Just strokes of the heavy rattan cane. First half a dozen medium and then, with only a second’s pause to adjust her position six full swings of the cane. I was grunting after two and I could feel the welts rising. The last two strokes crossed the first four as Hannah swung her cane on the diagonal.

“There.”she said standing back and admiring her work, “If I am running late it is none of your business. And those welts will remind you to speak respectfully. Now pull up your girdle and we can have coffee.”

I am very loved indeed.


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