Submissive Husband’s Best New Year’s Moves

dominant wife, submissive husband, FLR rules

Submissive Husband’s Rules

Yes, a little late but there it is. ‘This the season for advice listicles and here are a few submissive husband bullet points:

  • The word of the vow are “Love, honour and obey”. Women have been making this promise for centuries. Now it is our turn. But there are three words and obey comes last.
  • She knows you are horney. Whether you are caged or simply on the honour system, or like me kept chaste with a little of both, your wife knows you are sexuality on edge. Frustrated. And it just doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t because…
  • In a Female Led relationship only the female’s sexual desires matter. Submissive husbands learn to accept their place as eunuchs unless and until their wives wish to use them sexually.
  • Submissive husbands accept their wife’s right to discipline as necessary. Accepting that your wife will whip you at any time for any reason for as long as she believes is necessary is a huge step towards the real submission which is the key to a happy female led marriage.
  • A submissive male is exquisitely polite and deferential to his wife and her female friends. He accepts and embraces his wife, from time to time, deciding to flirt with other men. Should she decide to go further he knows that this is entirely her prerogative. It may well be that she will instruct him to make her arrangements just as he books her hair appointments or hand washes her lingerie.
  • A submissive husband loses the right to judge or criticise his wife. If she asks for his opinion – which rarely happens – his is obliged to give it but also to consider her superiority.
  • A submissive husband’s expression of his own masculinity is decided by his wife. Some wives will want Alpha males out in the world competing, others will prefer their husbands at home, in skirts and aprons. Some will want a little of both. The important thing is that the submissive husband offer his wife a range of choices and accept, gladly, his wife’s decision.
  • The dominant wife is the decision maker in the home – from religion to finances, social life to recreation her word is final. She may ask for her husband’s input but that is up to her.
  • A submissive husband, whether he works or not, should be kept on a strict allowance. If he needs money he should ask his wife so she can decide if he should have it.
  • A submissive husband is required, without being told, to keep himself attractive for his wife. In particular, he needs to keep his figure, shave as his wife requires, wear his hair in a style she prefers and wear such clothing, lingerie and scents as she decides.
  • A submissive husband can expect to serve his wife and, on occasion, her friends as a servant rather than an equal. His humiliation is of no significance.
  • dominant wife, submissive husband, female led marriage

  • Out in the world a submissive husband walks half a pace behind his wife, carries her purse and any packages or bags she may acquire. When she purchases an item she will instruct him to pay from her wallet.
  • Unless told otherwise, a submissive husband never drives. He also has to ask to use the remote control.
  • Finally, whether locked in a chastity device or not, a submissive husband always seats himself to urinate.

Do my readers have any of these sorts of rules to add. Leave them in the comments please.


  1. Very comprehensive list of do’s and dont’s for husbands in FLRs. I particularly like the last one. Happy New Year!

  2. You could also have added that the sissy husband will have a period every month at the time and in the manner as directed by the Lady of the House. he will purchase his own hygiene supplies as directed by Her.

    Lindsey Michelle

  3. A thoughtful catalogue of natural female-male relationships ! There might be additional rules, however, when there are children. Kids should learn from the very beginning that this is a female led relationship/family. And from a certain Age and maturity daughters should exceed in ranking all male family members, including the husband and father. Also, in an FLR, especially when the female head is working, it could be decided by her that a husband´s duty is to do all the housechores.

    1. I don’t think children need to be expressly told that their parents have an FLR. It is more information than they need or can handle. A submissive husband is just that. He is deferential, considerate and does most of the housework. If he has daughters he will be modelling a set of male behaviours which they may or may not want in their mates. Their choice.

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