Finding a Maid

maid, Lady of the house, dominant wife, submissive husband

I’ll just slip these on”

Charming as it would be to have a sexy little ladies maid flouncing around in the traditional “up to there, down to here” outfit, the Lady of the House is looking for an actual, real life, maid.

The question, of course, is where to find one. And here I need to be creative. You can’t advertise a genuine paid, maid’s position, with a note saying that under clothing, in addition to uniforms, will be provided. And you really can’t include the fact that the maid will be expected to, on the instructions of the Lady of the House, discipline her “employer” and, from time to time, indulge his penchant for a little lively slap and tickle. The assorted government employment people would be arriving at your front door instantly.

However, this is also not really a Fetlife sort of a thing either because Hannah really does want a maid. The “special duties” would be no more than 5-10% of the total job if that.

I’ve put a veiled ad up on Craigslist under domestic gigs “Seeking a young woman for ladies maid duties. Must be polite, well groomed and prepared for a traditional maid’s duties with a few interesting twists. Must be broad minded.” We’ll see what that brings. I have a few other ideas but may as well start with the most obvious.

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