“Go up to your bed right now.” said Hannah more than a little furious. “I don’t want to have to tell you twice. I will not put up with snarkiness. Which you know or should know. But when I am through with you in the morning you will know for certain. Now go upstairs, brush your teeth, get into your nightie and turn out the light. And you can leave your phone right here elliot.”

Hannah brought the phone up a few hours later when I had been in bed as ordered for quite a while. “I’m sorry I was snarky.” I said hoping she might forgive me.

“I am sure you are elliot. Deeply sorry and an apology is always welcome. But that’s not how I run our marriage. I don’t want you to apologise for being rude, I want you to stop being rude. Obviously I have been letting your standards slip. I was looking in the Punishment Book and I have not whipped you at all for a month. Yes you are locked up and yes you have your morning corner time;but tonight you proved you need a much firmer hand and tomorrow you are going to get one. Good night.”

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