March madness

submissive husband, husband in lingerie

A Good, Firm, Girdle

I was standing in my corner this morning, naked except for my cock cage, nose pressed tightly into Hannah’s yesterday panties, hands behind my back and bottom still showing the stripes and bruising of my punishment. I heard Hannah get out of bed and rustle in a closet behind me. She found what she was looking for.

“Darling, we’ll be going to the lake in a couple of months an I want you to look your best. You’re not twenty one any more but there’s no reason why you can’t make sure you work off that last little bit of Holiday cheer. A bit of exercise and a little less rich food and you’ll look wonderful.”

“We’ll start with a good firm girdle and walking. Now that the weather is better you should be able to do a couple of miles a day. Your girdle will remind you. Now put this on.”

Hannah must have ordered it from Amazon. It was the same Rage side zip garment but one size smaller than the two I was used to wearing. Not impossible but tight. And awkward to get my cock cage settled discreetly. This one was black and, as I fastened the hooks and eyes before zipping it I realized that for it to fit property I would need to lose or shift a couple of inches from my hips and tummy.

Hannah watched as I struggled with my new girdle. When I had it zipped up she said, “Well that’s very pretty but you need to lose twenty pounds for it to be really cute. I have a few things I’ve ordered to help you with your workouts which will start when they get here. Now, before you get to work, how goes the maid search? Maybe we should look for a girl who is a personal trainer or yoga teacher as well.”

“Yes dear.” I said thinking it would be a long month.

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