Interviewing the Maid – Part 2

submissive husband, maid, dominant wife“It is just through here.” I said leading Mady to the entrance hall off the bar. The bar had been Hannah’s tour d’force. It split the kitchen/dining pavilion and it had a much lower ceiling, a little under twelve feet as opposed to the nearly twenty in the kitchen and dining rooms. As you come into our house there is an entrance foyer which is open to the bar. but it has a set of stairs going up to the guest quarters/maid’s room.

Hannah and I have always wanted a maid – guests not so much – and when we built the addition we spent some time designing a knock out set of accommodations. It is really just one tall, long but quite narrow room but cleverly divided to provide a quite luxurious bathroom and dressing room. At the north end there is a pretty little bedroom with high windows facing East and West. The stairs come out in the middle of the room and to the right is a really lovely high ceilinged room we called a studio. Polished concrete floor, black steel french doors to a private deck. Beautiful light and a fireplace. Yes, it did cost a bit of money; but for the right girl the investment was worth it.

Mady showed signs of being the right girl.

“Oh Sir, this is just perfect. There is even a desk. But how am I going to work with that view?”

“Well, it rains a lot Mady. And there is really nothing else to do. To take this job you need to be pretty self contained. Of course there is serious internet and we have a TV somewhere that you could have.”

“No need. I use the net but I rarely watch TV. Would you mind if I brought my books?”

“Of course not. And anything else you want. There’s lots of storage in the basement so, if you are hired, you can pretty much keep all your stuff here. We’d pay for the move of course.”

“You would?” said Mady genuinely surprised.

“Yes. Now we better go and get Hannah her tea.” We went back down stairs. “Essentially Mady, if you suit the Lady of the House and pass your probationary period my job is to make sure you are completely happy as our Maid. It’s a job but it is more than that as our ad suggested.”

“Should I take Madame her tea?”

“Well you’re the one applying for the maid’s job.”

“I am. And I think I would love working here. And, Sir, I am a very, well, liberal girl.” she said somewhat archly carrying the silver tray with Hannah’s tea.

Mady had obviously been trained. she set out the tea things correctly on Hannah’s coffee table and asked if “Madame would prefer to pour.”

“No, you go ahead Mady.”

“Yes Ma’am.” said Mady with a light bob of a curtsey which was most attractive. “Will Sir be joining you?”

“Not at the moment Mady. In fact, I think it would be a very good thing for elliot to go upstairs to his corner while we continue our chat.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” said Mady as I rose to obey.

“Darling, we may be up a little later so leave your girdle on. You’ll find my panties in their usual place.”

Further comment from me was unnecessary and so I went up to my corner, out of earshot of the conversation below.

Fifteen or so minutes later I heard Hannah and Mady in Hannah’s dressing room.

“It’s pretty straightforward Mady. I like my things well taken care of. Do you sew?”

“Just the basics Madame. I can stitch a hem.” I heard Mady say.

“Excellent. And here is the bedroom with Elliot in his corner. As I was saying downstairs, from time to time it might fall to you to discipline Elliot. I’ve accumulated a wide variety of instruments. Personally I favour a cane but it takes a little practice to use safely. This bathbrush on the other hand is as easy as swinging a tennis racquet. Elliot hates it when I use it hard but it is a good place for you to start. Elliot, step out of your girdle and take your position.” said Hannah conversationally. “I’ll show you and then you can have a try.”

“Has he been naughty madam?” asked Mady rather tentatively.

“Not particularly. And we won’t whip him hard. I just want to see if you are as comfortable as you say you are with the situation.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I do hate the bathbrush and, frankly, ‘light” is not all that different from hard. But wriggled out of my girdle and walked across the room while Hannah showed Mady some detail in her lingerie chest. I took my position.

Hannah was actually quite gentle.

spanked husband, husband whipped, dominant wife

the bathbrush

“For maintenance I always give him a few warm up strokes with my hand. A good way to judge if he’d ready is if your hand is beginning to sting a little. Then you take the brush and…”

Six quick, none too light strokes followed.

“With the bath brush or a paddle or hair brush it is better to alternate cheeks, with the cane you want to stripe both. Now, here, you have a try.” said Hannah matter of factly.

“Yes Ma’am.”

In a second Maid and Mistress had exchanged position and six sharp strokes cracked across my bottom.

“Oh very good Mady. Very nearly perfect. Now I want to see a little more force. I need to know you will be prepared and able to administer a real whipping if the time comes. Say six more but really swing the brush.”

“Very good Madam.”

It was a test Mady passed with flying colours. I was vocalizing at her second stroke and kicking my feet. Finally she stopped.

“Well done Mady. No hesitation. Elliot, you go back to your corner and let your bottom cool off for a few minutes and then dress and join us downstairs.

Cornertime with a burning butt is never pleasant. Especially as Maid and Mistress watched me do my walk of shame, pick up Hannah’s panties and face the wall. “A few minutes” passed quickly. I was dying of curiosity as to whether Mady was to be our maid. I know Hannah and she makes up her mind very quickly indeed. I pulled up my tight girdle over a still sore bum, dressed, and went downstairs. I found Hannah having another cup of tea. Mady stood just behind the loveseat.

“Sit, Dear, or perhaps you would prefer to stand. Darling, you were a very brave boy. Our new maid apparently knows her way around a bathbrush. I’ve decided to hire Madelaine, on probation, for a month. She is starting immediately I think we shall get along very well. If you could see her up to her room and then take a look for a corset for her to wear serving this evening. You can make arrangements for her things to be picked up and brought along.

And, darling, please remember your own place in our household. While Mady will, of course serve you from time to time, she is my maid and is to be treated with the same respect you treat me. If you plan to take liberties you had best be certain that your liberties are welcome. While Mady has no right to punish you on her own authority, she has been told to report any misbehaviour to me immediately.

We’ve agreed that she will defer to you as a Maid should save in matters of your punishment and discipline in which case you shall obey her as you do me. If she whips you it will be upon my orders. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.” I said.

“Good. Now let’s get Mady settled in and put her to work.”

(UPDATE: While I was in my corner. Hannah’s real interview with Mady is posted at her blog.)

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