dominant wife, maid, submissive husbandNeedless to say I listened from my corner as Hannah told Mady she wanted me to be exercised. I spent a hour and a half at my desk and then Mady came into my office to fetch me.

“We’ll always start in my space Sir.” she said leading me up to her pleasing loft apartment. The loft itself is quite large stretching from over the two car garage all the way to the view side of the house. It has high ceilings and lovely, even, light.

“Stand over there and strip to your little cage.” said Mady walking around me in her jodhpurs, transparent blouse and boots. Soon I was naked.

“Now, Sir, we’re going to start slowly. The Lady of the House tells me that your doctor is satisfied that you are in fairly good shape for a man of your age. Which is good but we’ll start slowly in any case. First some warm up.”

She had me go through some stretching exercises on a yoga mat showing me each move and correcting my execution. Then we did, or rather I did, some deep squats and then some shallow squats. Nothing too difficult.

“Now, I think you are warmed up enough.” said Mady from behind me. “Squat down. Excellent.”

I felt a weight on my shoulders and I realized that Mady had put herself on me piggy back style. “Very good. Now, back straight and stand up.”

Mady is not at all a big girl. Quite the contrary, small and small boned. Perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet. But that is a lot on your shoulders. I felt her long whip lick my bottom.


I began to walk very carefully.

“To the window and back.” said Mady flicking her whip. I adjusted to my load and walked as directed. “Now trot a little. Knees up.”

I tried to do what I was told but it was very difficult and I faltered a little on our trot back to the window. I felt a sharp crack of the whip.

“You are not very strong yet. We’ll be doing this daily for a little longer each day and, soon, you’ll be doing sets of squats with me on your shoulders. When the weather warms a bit we’ll get you a little cart for you to pull and, by Spring, you’ll be able to pull the Lady of the House and her maid around the property. Of course, part of your exercise regime will be to build the track. Now squat again so I can dismount.”

I hastened to obey and the lithe little creature swung herself off my shoulders.

“Excellent. We’ll work on your carry for a few weeks. We’ll stay inside until the weather is better but later I’ll enjoy working you outdoors. It is so nice that the property is so private. Now, get dressed and walk for 45 minutes. I have set up an app on your phone to count your steps. We’ll get a baseline today and work up from there. You may go.”

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  1. Great post about the beginning of your training as a human pony. I look forward to your continued training at the hands of miss Mady.

    1. Not entirely sure where Mady is taking this…I was worked again this morning. Amazing the interesting place you hurt after carrying a little slip of a girl on your shoulders for ten minutes.

  2. Oh, my, what a humiliating way to exercise! 🙂
    i went for a five-mile run to try to get back in better shape for my Wife! She may have more ideas for me, lol. Happy New Year to you all! hug, sara

    1. Part of training a man is humiliation. I want elliot all alpha when he is working or writing, and then I want him completely obedient the rest of the time. Humiliation helps.

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