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Escorts’ questions answered

Happy New Year!

A few months ago The Lady of the House took questions from escorts and ladies who thought they might be interested in escorting. Questions for Miss Jay is a light hearted exploration of the oldest profession.

Hannah’s interest in escorts, courtesans and mistresses reflects her view that these women provide a vital, sexy and stylish service to attached and unattached men. They are the girls men invest with their fantasy lives, their insecurities and their secrets.  As Hannah put it to me when we were working on Questions for Miss Jay:

“I think every young girl should spend a year or two being kept as a mistress. Whether she decides to work on the retail side of the sex trade or not, simply having the experience of a man paying for your favours is a great, feminine, experience. When I answer questions about threesomes or how to wear stockings or deal with a foot fetish, I start with a sex work positive attitude. This is a book more about style, elegance and flirtation that it is about prostitution; an elegant woman accepts the fact that, from time to time, men will wish to give her money and then encourages this behavior.”

This is a book for escorts and girls thinking of escorting or becoming mistresses; but it is also a book for ladies who simply want a different, knowing, take on fashion, style, men, sexuality and elegance in a modern world.

For a limited time Questions for Miss Jay  is free at Amazon.

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