Something New – Stretching

ball stretchers, cock cage, dominant wife, submissive husbandI heard Hannah say something to Mady as I stood in my corner yesterday morning.  I couldn’t quite make out what it was but I heard Mady say, “After his shower ma’am. Very good ma’am.” A few minutes later I was sent to my shower.

I am still wearing my silicone cock cage as The Lady of the House is not quite ready to put me in my new steel cock cage for some reason. The great thing about the silicone cage is that you can easily shower in it. You will want to be careful drying because any residual water can cause chafing; but if you are careful you can keep everything clean with a minimum of fuss. I came out of my shower to see Mady waiting for me in the dressing room.

“I am to put this on, Sir.” she said holding up a stainless steel appliance and a small Allan wrench. It was a scrotum stretcher. I knew Hannah had ordered these from Amazon but I have to admit I had not expected one to be fitted before the stainless steel cage. And, in fact, I was not sure if the stretcher could be worn with a cage.

The geometry of the thing seemed wrong. After all, the cage is attached to a ring which fits behind and on top of my testicles. How the other piece of steel was to fit beat me.

Mady was not deterred.

“Hands over your head, Sir, this may pinch a bit.” she said matter of factly.

I did as I was told. I felt Mady’s small, warm hand wrap round just above my balls and then I felt her pull. Pinch does not quite describe the sensation. I looked down and saw Mady close the smallest stretcher over the taut flesh of my scrotum and drop the little Allan screw into place. Two quick twists of the wrench and that collar was not going anywhere.

“All done, Sir. And the Lady of the House was quite right, we’ll need to leave you in the more flexible silicone until your sack has stretched a little. But I am sure we’ll have you in steel before the end of the month. Now, the Lady of the House wants to see the stretcher.”

I walked into our bedroom where Hannah was just finishing her tea.

“Oh isn’t that perfect Mady. Was it difficult to put on?” asked Hannah.

“No ma’am. Just a matter of a little pull at the right moment. And I am sure Sir will stretch easily. The skin there is very elastic.” said Mady.

“Excellent. We’ll leave him with the single ring for a week and then go to two. How does it feel Darling?”

“Heavy.” I said honestly. “It doesn’t hurt now; but there seems to be a constant pressure.”

“Good.” said Hannah, “It will take some time but your little cockette will look even smaller when you have a nicely stretched sack. In any case, go and get dressed. I want to get out of bed and I’ll need Mady in a moment or two.”


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  1. I guess it’s important to the dynamic here that you have a small cock (?) — It is just as easy to stretch the cock as it is to stretch the scrotum. Would making your cock bigger be erotic?

    1. I am pretty certain that the Lady of the House, in so far as she enjoys my cock at all, prefers it relatively small. Certainly she has shown no interest in the various extenders which are available and she saves her larger dildos for me rather than having me use them on her.

  2. I’m glad you are making good use of your Christmas Gift’s.Keep the weight constant and stretch will come quickly.I enjoy the frequent updates on the blog.Many thanks. Edward.

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