Might Pinch a Bit

dominant wife, submissive husband, cock cageDay 3 of my little cock cage and the ball stretching ring.

During the day, as I work, I barely notice my cock cage…or, for that matter, my cock as it is insulated from any friction by the soft silicone of the cage. I do notice the weight of the ball stretcher when I am being exercised by our lovely, if strict, maid Mady. It is not painful but it is a constant pressure.

However, at night, a chaste man will have an erection or two. I usually have two. With just the cage I would be aware of the erections but they did not cause any great discomfort. The ball stretcher has changed that. A lot.

Now when I get hard everything feels very tight. Very. Enough to wake me up. Hannah knows and is mildly amused. “Think of icebergs and swimming in ice cold water and your ice bucket.” she’ll murmur as she rolls over and falls back to sleep. I do but the cage and the stretcher tend to maintain the erection. Where I would be erect in my cage for five or ten minutes, the stretcher seems to have increased that to twenty uncomfortable minutes.

Perhaps this will change when the stretcher has done its work. Hannah likes the fact I have nocturnal  and morning erections. In fact she has slightly upped my micro dose of Viagra saying “I like my little cockette to be trying. It’s good for you.”

I am so lucky.


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One comment

  1. Oh my, it sounds like it does have an irritating effect!
    Ms. H is so nice to give you suggestions to relieve your situation.
    The microdose is funny, hee! sara

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