submissive husband, cock cage, dominant wifeA couple of people have emailed to ask how I manage to adjust to things like my apparently permanent cock cage and now the stainless steel ball stretcher. Not to mention long periods without any chance of orgasm or the constant discipline I now receive from two women.

Strange to say but there is no adjusting. A couple of years ago I realized that I was happiest and most at peace if I simply did what I was told. The idea of adjustment suggests that, somehow, I go from a position of opposition or defiance to a place of acceptance. Which really misses the transformation which has occurred in my life and in Hannah’s.

In my business day I spend a lot of time telling people what to do, taking responsibility for getting things done, pushing projects forward inch by inch. It is rewarding work and I thoroughly enjoy it. But the fact I begin every day naked, in my corner in a cock cage pressing my nose into my lovely Hannah’s often moist panties or that I break off work for three-quarters of an hour to be put through an exercise regime by our maid or that I am subject to effectively unlimited physical discipline is where I relax. I am home, safe and loved, when I simply do whatever I am told by the Lady of the House.

I don’t adjust, I obey. Or, more accurately, I embrace. Hannah is the Lady of the House. Her word, her decisions, are final. There is nothing to question. If she requires me to do something which I find uncomfortable my job is to find a way to embrace the discomfort. Frankly, this ball stretcher pinched a lot for the first couple of days. That is my problem not Hannah’s. She wants me to wear it. I wear it.

As a man walks further into submission to his wife part of what he is doing is leaving his ego, his personal needs and desires, behind him. Loving submission is complete. There is no adjustment, just acceptance of your position.

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