“So Darling, it looks to me as though your little cock is awfully hard in your cage. Come here. Lie down on the bed,”

I did what I was told and, in a moment Hannah had fetched the key to my cock cage and popped it off my already hardening cock.

“You have not had strokes for a long time.” she said lifting the hem of her nightgown and positioning herself above my erect cock.”Now no messes.”

She lowered herself until I was engulfed in her delicious, moist pussy.

“Ten, I think. Push up.”

I thrust into her and counted off my strokes. She was quite wet now. “Another ten.” she said with a little catch in her voice. Her hand made no moves towards my nipples and I realized this was purely for her pleasure. I reached the next ten strokes quite quickly.

Hannah could sense that, even without my nipples pinched I was getting close…too close. She swung off.

“Go to your corner…I need my privacy.”

I could hear her deep moans of pleasure as I stood with my nose in her wet, discarded panties. A little while later I heard her ring her bell for Mady.

“Lock him back up.”


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  1. Ooh! That sounds heavenly, and frustrating! Back to the corner, with those lovely fragrant panties to ponder and envelope you! Can’t imagine what Mistress and Mady are up to… sara

    1. It was frustrating…but wonderful. Usually, however, the Lady of the House satisfies herself rather than having Mady worship her. She likes her privacy when she loses herself to pleasure…

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