Fine, thank you, just busy

We’ve had a few nice emails about our lack of posting. Nothing to worry about. the Lady of the House has a book project consuming her, I have had a very busy two months and Mady has been a brick throughout.

I have to say that as a personal trainer she is extraordinary. I have lost and shifted weight under her rather strict tutelage. As the weather has become a bit better she has taken to riding me in the garden. She does not weigh that much, perhaps 120 pounds soaking wet; but that is quite a lot when a girl wants you to carry her on her shoulders and trot. I am allowed to wear panties to keep my cage and stretcher in place but that is it.

Hannah often sits at her desk at the window and watches as Mady puts me through my paces. I am relieved that we have a nice big property so the neighbours do not see my exercise routine.

More anon. The work is slowing a little and there is more time for the delights of life such as this blog.

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