Back in My Cage

dominant wife, femdom, submissive husband“So elliot.” said Hannah, once again from our bed as I stood in my corner for morning mindfulness, her sweetly scented panties pressed to the wall with my nose, “Something rather interesting has come up with Mady. We’ll discuss it later today because I want to think about it. However, delightful as your hard little cock was the other night, I want to have you back in your cock cage for a while. Mady will not be renewing her vows for a week or two. So we will not be needing your cock.”

Not the words I wanted to hear; but there is certainly nothing I can do about it. Except submit.

“I have to admit,” said the Lady of the House, “That I have come to prefer you in your cage. It is a very good reminder of your place in this house to have your little cock put away. So go over to the dresser and get your cage. Put it on and I will lock you in.”

I did what I was told. I was a little hard which actually makes putting the cage on a bit easier. So, oddly enough, does my stainless steel ball stretcher because it, rather than my (very full) balls themselves now holds the back ring for the cage in place. I was done in a minute or two and walked to Hannah’s side of the bed. I had the padlock in place and I was holding the keys. Hannah reached out and closed the hasp. As she did she took my balls in the palm of her hand and then closed her fingers. She hefted my balls a couple of times.

“You really are very full. Which is excellent. I think your ball stretcher has actually given them a bit more room. Now give me my keys and off to the shower.”

I did as I was told.


  1. C’est intelligemment bien fait comme blog, même si je sais après des années, que c’est du fantasme de lecteur qui est servi tout chaud. En tout cas, quel que soit l’auteur de cela, bravo et merci, cela fait toujours un frisson de lire les aventures élégantes de l’exigeante Maîtresse de maison au sens propre du sage mari et de la petite bonne excitée..Yeah ! C’est juste que tout ce merchandising sur le site à la longue m’ennuie à la fin. Je regrette l’innocence du début, du temps où il n’y avait pas en jeu des $ américains ou canadiens (?) sur Amazon cités à chaque article…
    Un lecteur français qui aime beaucoup revenir sur les 2 blogs et regrette le temps d’avant

    1. So glad you enjoy our blogs. But, yes, we do put up Amazon links. Of course for the money…The Lady of the House has expensive tastes. But also because so many men and wives have no idea that Amazon sells cock cages and corsets and wonderful vibes.

      Read, enjoy…ignore the links if you want…but the books are good fun.

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