Post Christmas training

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Girdles: a lady’s firm foundation

“You are a naughty man aren’t you.” said Hannah as I undressed for bed. “Between the ham, the turkey and the good red wine I fear you have undone all the good work you did before Christmas.”

“Well I might have gained a couple of pounds, dear.” I said as I slipped my nighty on as quickly as I could.

“Try eight, maybe ten. Well, it is a good idea for you to pick up your exercise in any account and I wanted Mady to put her personal training experience to use. But, even better, I was just looking on Amazon for a few items and I discovered they have the Rago girdles I like you in on sale. Long line panty girdles with a zipper are such an incentive for an obedient husband. And for sixteen dollars off I can get you two new ones. Plus, I want to get myself two open bottom girdles. I was noticing in Church that there are a fair number of women in this little place who could use some firm foundations and in my position I may be able to lead.”

“Does the question of foundations come up often when you go for coffee after Church.” I asked gtting into bed.

“Don’t be cheeky my darling. I am often complimented on my figure, and on Mady’s, and there is certainly no reason not to tell the good ladies and, more importantly, their lumpy daughters, that a bit of exercise and good foundations will make their dresses fit properly.

“Yes dear.” I said turning out the overhead lights.

girdles, girdle advertising, girdle cross dressing

Update: Hannah just reminded me that we did a book on girdles, well really about wonderful old girdle advertising from the 1940’s and 1950’s. If you ever wondered why ladies wore girdles this book makes the beauty of restraint all too apparent.

Here’s the Amazon link to our girdle book.

Christmas Gifts

415156_1_glamgirls-events-presents-a-ladies-shopping-psychic-and-pamper-evening_400Things have been hectic around here. Work mainly. But, I must admit, between the Lady of the House and our increasingly demanding maid Mady, I have been run off my feet.  Plus, and I don’t want to sound as if I am complaining, I have been locked up tight in my cock cage for months.

None of which excuses a lack of blogging. As Hannah was pointing out only the other day. “So darling,” she said over cocktails, “I think it might be fun for you to write about a few of the things we’re getting for Christmas. Especially your new items. I can’t tell you how much fun Mady and I have been having on Amazon. And you might mention what we are getting her for Christmas as well.”

Hannah has certainly been shopping up a storm. Because we live in the country it is much easier to get special items sent from Amazon. I don’t think Hannah would be the slightest bit embarrassed walking into a store and buying some of these; quite the contrary. But getting just the right thing is often easier online. What has amazed Hannah is the broad variety of very sexy items you can order from Amazon.

For example: You may remember The Lady of the House taking her maid with a double ended dildo? Well Hannah promised Mady a double dildo all her own (and you just know where it will be used) and we’ve ordered it from Amazon. Here’s the link.

Some delightful reader has bought herself a really good vibrator and the Lady of the House has decided that I will be putting a similar vibrator in both her and our maid’s stockings. “This is the sort of power tool a man should be getting for Christmas.” said Hannah.

Apparently my own stocking will have a few items.

“Much as I love your current cock cage dear, I think it is time for you to have your chastity encased in steel once in a while. I had Mady look for something nice and small for your little cock and she found this: a nice short steel male chastity cage.

“And while she was looking for a nice steel cage our lovely little maid came across something which I think will look adorable and remind you of your position: stainless steel ball stretching weights. No, really. Who knew. The best part is you get five of them so we’ll start you off slowly.”

“I was doing my own shopping and I remembered how much you have enjoyed your stainless steel wand. Which I really have to use on you more often. Remind me to tell Mady to put it out for your morning mindfulness. But I ran across the cutest butt plugs from the same maker. So I am getting you a nice medium plug and we’re going to surprise our adorable little maid with an addition to her evening uniform – won’t you have fun pushing a small stainless steel plug right up her tight little backdoor.”

“And, speaking of Mady, I’ve ordered her three, quarter cup, bras. There is no point in hiding those pretty perky pink nipples is there. Plus, and I bet you’ll love this, for her day wear winter uniform, I have ordered some lovely, very sheer, blouses. Call it my little Christmas present to you.”

“Oh, and stockings. The fully fashioned, seamed Cervin for me.” said Hannah with an smile, “And some unseamed Cervin stockings for our little maid of all work. And a pair of lingerie gloves each to avoid runs.”

What I had not told Hannah was that one of my presents for her was a pair of long, lambskin, Italian gloves which I knew she had been coveting.

It has been a busy business year, made all the more successful by my darling wife ensuring that I remembered my position while, at the same time, performing my alpha male duties as a business man and consultant. And a good year always means diamonds for the Lady of the House. Under the tree, which I still have to get, will be a little pair of diamond hoop earings.

Always better to give than to receive.

UPDATE: Hannah has a few thoughts on The Gift of Chastity at her blog.



A Conversation about my Cage

maid art cut BWI was just cinching Mady, Hannah’s maid, into her corset when she asked, “Do you mind having to wear your cock cage all the time?”

“Not especially, Miss.” I replied honestly. “It is not uncomfortable if that is what you mean.”

“Not exactly. What I was wondering is what it is like for an obviously highly sexed man like you to be locked in chastity. I mean my Mistress literally has the key to your manhood.”

“Well, Miss, she has. But I’ve always accepted the fact that in our marriage there is only her sexuality. I really prefer it that way. Or at least I am used to it.” I said.

“But you still get hard in that little cage. You’ll be going to your corner soon so take your clothes off and let’s get you nice and hard.”

I obeyed my dominant little Miss and was soon standing in front of her quite naked.

“I mean I can get you hard just by talking to you. Making fun of that little cock in its black cage. Or I can make you hard by pinching your nipples like this.” And she reached up with her nicely manicured nails and squeezed my left nipple hard. “See, you are getting hard already. And I know if I keep sqeezing your nipple and then hold your balls in my other hand and squeeze them nice and hard, your tiny little cock will stick right out the tip of your cage.” She proceeded to demonstrate.

“So here you are with a pretty, wet, girl who you would just love to fuck and you can’t can you.” Mady said smiling.

“No Miss, I can pleasure you other ways.”

“Of course you can. And I suspect after dinner, after you have rinsed out my lingerie, I will want your tongue for a little while. But that isn’t my point. Right now, hard as you are, you can’t do a thing about it. I like that.”

“Yes Miss.”

“If I ever get married I am going to keep my husband’s cock in a cage. Of course he’ll be much bigger than your pathetic little cock. But I will keep him locked up. He’ll marry me in a cage. And I don’t think I will have him in a silicone cage either. A man with a big cock will need a stainless steel cage.”

“Yes Miss. So you plan to marry a submissive man?” I asked.

“Not exactly, Mistress tells me you were not submissive when you married. You were trained. If I get married I’ll do the training before the wedding. I think my mistress is a very wise woman. She told me once that since you have been caged you have been much more productive and, at the same time, more obedient. And I gather you have only been caged for about a year.”

“We got my cage in October last year. But Hannah began having me locked up pretty much full time in March.” I said.

“So only a few months before you hired me. Makes sense. My Mistress is not in the least bit jealous but I suspect she prefers to know if I decide to try to enjoy your cute little cock. And look at it trying to press out of its little cage. Well, here are my panties. Now they are all nice and wet. Off to your corner.”

“Yes Miss.”

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Panty Alert

Lingerie Sale!

Lingerie Sale!

If you are a wife who would like to try panty discipline for your husband or a husband who knows he should be in panties you may have blinked at the cost. Would you like him to sleep in a chemise? Or perhaps you would like to remind him of his position with a pretty, feminine, bra? Again, sweet lingerie is expensive which is why we wanted you to know that is having a one day sale on bras, panties and chemises.

Just the basics but a ten pack of pretty cotton panties is only $9.99. A beautifully feminine bra is only $24.00 and a chemise, perfect for bed and corner time, is just $26.00.

A panty trained husband is well on the way to being the obedient, chaste, considerate man every woman needs.

Dressing the Maid

submissive husband, erotic maid, dominant maid, maid's panties, dominant wifeI left Mady to her bath and went to one of the store rooms in the basement. We’d kept a few items which had been part of our last maid’s uniform. A couple of corsets, a few roll on girdles for daywear and three black cotton dresses of various lengths. Each was belted as The Lady of the House likes to show off her maid’s trim waist. As well there were a couple of clean, ironed, vintage aprons in linen. These had “bibs” which would have, originally, been pinned to the maid’s dress. Our last maid had sewn little buttons on her uniform dresses and button holes on the aprons. I gathered up all of these things plus a few pairs of vintage stockings.

(Yes, it is amazing that we have all this on hand. The fact is that between garage sales, auctions and online, we have a veritable vintage consignment store in one of our store rooms. Hannah hates to miss beautiful clothes of any era and so, for literally pennies, she has been amassing everything from pretty girdles to day dresses to evening gowns, all pre-1970 and ideally, pre-1960. One of the maid’s duties will be to take care of this collection – something our last maid throughly enjoyed.)

I took my time. Mady was a delicious young girl and just thinking of lacing her into her corset was making my caged cock more than a little uncomfortable. Which was, of course, part of the fun. But I had time to reflect on the way the girl seemed very confident telling, not asking, me what to do. Perfectly polite, but also perfectly in control. I didn’t know what The Lady of the House had told her Maid; but it was quite clear that Mady was very much her own woman.

I carried the bundle of clothing up to Mady’s space and hung the dresses and aprons in her dressing area. There were built in drawers where I placed the stockings and the corsets. I then carefully folded her discarded clothing and placed it carefully on a chair. Her panties, garter belt, stockings and bra I picked up and placed on top of her outer clothing. I couldn’t help stealing a glance at the gusset of her pretty panties and, as I suspected, it was lovely and moist. I admit I could not resist inhaling her delicious scent. My poor cock throbbed against its cage. I didn’t hear Mady emerge from the bathroom.

“Oh Sir you are a naughty man.” she said with a light laugh. She was wearing a simple robe and a towel on her head. She was certainly pretty. “If you like my panties so much you can rinse them out every day. I’m sure Madam will approve.”

I was not so sure but there it was.

“Now, my uniform.” said Mady shrugging her robe off. She was wearing a black short chemise. “I didn’t pack much but I thought if I am to wear a corset having this little chemise underneath would work.”

“It will work very well Mady. I brought up two corsets. The wonderful thing about corsets is that if they are laced properly and are not two big they will fit well when you start and perfectly after a few days.”

maids corset, submissive husband“Yes Sir. I know. I have one at home. But these are both pretty. Obviously the black one for the black uniform but what is the white one for?”

“Summer. Hannah likes her maid to wear a lighter uniform in the summer time. I couldn’t find any downstairs but I know they are around somewhere. We’ll have all of them altered once you have passed your probation.”

As I spoke Mady had wrapped the black underbust corset around her and was doing up the busk.

“I like the fact you use ribbon rather than laces. Corset laces always remind me of skate laces. There. Now you can play the role of the ladies maid and tighten my stays.”

“I’d be delighted. Have you ever tight laced?” I asked conversationally as I began to pull the ribbons and close the corset around Mady’s lovely tight little waist.

“Not really. I have a 24 inch waist normally and in my own corset I take it down to 22. Not much of a reduction really. But as much as I can handle without practice. And Sir, remember, I have to work in this.”

“Quite right.” I said pulling the ribbons in and seeing an inch vanish from Mady’s waist. “And this is plenty tight enough for your first day. Now, stockings.”

I held out several packages for Mady to choose.

“What fun. These I think.” she ripped open the package and slipped on one of the coal dust black, sheer stockings. “You can kneel down and do up the garter tabs.”

I am nothing if not well trained and I sank to my knees in front of this surprising young woman.

“Excellent. Now stay where you are and I will get this other one on.”

I stayed and was rewarded with a glimpse of her black lace panties as she pulled on her second stocking.

“Naughty man, I could see you peeking at my panties. I may have to send you to my corner if you are so cheeky.” she said with another light laugh. She offered her pretty leg for me to do up the garter tabs.

“There we go. I want to dry and style my hair. You can go and rinse out my panties and stockings in my bathroom. No need to do the bra and garterbelt today.”

I did what I was told and, by the time I was done, was once again throbbing in my cock cage. I hung Mady’s lingerie on the shower curtain rail to dry making a note to bring up a drying rack. When I came out of her bathroom she was already in her uniform dress.

“What lovely taste Madam has. Now, show me how this apron works.”

“It’s quite straight forward. First we put it round your waist and tie it with a pretty bow like this. And then we pull the bib up and button it.” I demonstrated and was rewarded with Mady’s little breasts pushing against my wrists as I worked on the tiny buttons.

“Oh you do enjoy this don’t you Sir.” she said with a huge smile. “Little wonder Madam keeps you locked up.”

“Yes I do Mady. Very much.”

“I think, Sir, when we are in private, you had better call me Miss. It will prevent misunderstandings.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Perfect. Thank you for dressing me. I understand this will be a regular thing for evenings where The Lady of the House wishes to be formal.”

“Yes Miss.”

“And those will be the evenings when you rinse out my underthings. I will have a little basket in the bathroom. When you are dressing me, once you have my corset on, I expect you to wash anything in the basket.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, now off you go. I am on duty in a few minutes and there are a few things I’d like to do first.”

I left Mady. She certainly was beginning as she meant to end.

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The Maid Settles In

tumblr_mu36uyuwQ91qfbon7o1_500I have to admit I was delighted Hannah decided to hire Mady. Hannah has wanted a maid for some time and Mady looks as though she’ll be very suitable. She’d brought an overnight bag and a laptop case which I carried up to her space. As Hannah had said, my job was to make sure our maid was happy. Once I had her things upstairs I was turning to go and find her a corset and the rest of a makeshift uniform when she said with a little curtsey, “Thank you sir. I really should have done that myself.”

“Not at all, Mady. My pleasure.”

“Sir, might I ask you a couple of questions?”

“Of course. What would you like to know?”

“Does the bath brush hurt a lot, Sir?”

“Well those last six strokes you delivered certainly did.” I answered truthfully.

“But you didn’t try to avoid them.” said Mady sounding a bit perplexed.

“No. The Lady of the House wanted to see if you would flinch and I was hoping you wouldn’t. Besides, if I had tried to avoid them, Hannah would simply have bound me and given me a really sound whipping. Much better to stay in position.”

“But why do you let Madam whip you at all?” asked Mady.

“That’s actually a rather good question and deserves a considered answer; but, for the moment, I think the best answer is that a man in my position has made a choice and that choice has many consequences. Mostly delightful, sometimes a bit painful. But it is the best decision I have ever made. And,” I said reaching over and patting Mady’s trim little bottom, “it has its many compensations.”

“Sir!” said Mady in a wonderful parody of outraged virtue, “Surely you can wait until I am in uniform.”

“I can and I shall.” I said, “In fact, that might be a very useful rule: no liberties unless you are in uniform.”

“It would. Except I may well decide to take some when I chose. I very much doubt that Madame will object.” said Mady with a knowing smile.

“Yes, well. As I was saying, there are many compensations. It is a rare wife who will hire a pretty maid. And an even rarer wife who will do so knowing and enjoying the fact her husband will likely carry on a flirtation with her.”

“True, but it is a rare husband who will allow his cock to be locked up. Your wife takes no risk at all and, delightfully, neither do I.” said Mady. “But I think it would be best if we did have the uniform rule. As well, Madam is thinking over a request I made. I hope she says yes.”

“What did you ask?”

“Oh Sir, you know I can’t possibly tell you what my Mistress has been asked. It would be disobedient and I don’t want to be punished my first day. Now, aren’t you supposed to be finding me a uniform. I think I’ll have a nice long bath and then I’ll see what you have managed to find for me.” said Mady in a rather imperious tone.

It was beginning to dawn on me that Mady had quite a dominant streak of her own.

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One More Day in My Girdle… Or Not

414YmYJIhtL“So Darling, just one more day until the end of March and the end of your required daily girdle. You’ve done very well. Your tummy is smaller and all that walking has really trimmed those silly love handles.”

Hannah could see exactly my progress because I was standing naked except for my cock cage pressing her yesterday panties into the corner with my nose.

“So tomorrow will be the last day you’ll be required to wear your girdle. But, you’ve been such a lamb about it. Never once complaining about how tight your girdle is or how humiliated you must feel wearing such a feminine garment every day. Your posture is really much better in your girdle and I haven’t heard you mention that lower back pain you were complaining about at Christmas. So I had a thought.

Maybe it’s time to make a girdle a part of your permanent lingerie wardrobe. We could order you a couple of new ones from Amazon. A little smaller of course.

Now you don’t have to tell me what you think right now. You know I don’t like you speaking during your corner time but we can discuss it at cocktails before I make up my mind. But I have to tell you that I like how you look and how you behave when you are all nice and tight in a pretty little side zip girdle. And I think I’ll also buy you a full body shaper for when I’d like a more feminine silhouette; nothing too extreme, just “B” cups.”

I was breathing a little faster in my corner and Hannah’s panty scent was intoxicating. The thought that I was finally going to be girdle free had been a huge incentive the last couple of weeks. Now Hannah had obviously decided that my girdle discipline, like my cock cage and morning corner time was to be a permanent part of our marriage. She would certainly listen to any real objections I might have at cocktails; but mild discomfort wouldn’t count and my humiliation would be a positive bonus.

And, in fact, my opinion didn’t matter a bit. My role is to be a submissive, obedient, husband. Hannah makes the decisions in our marriage and if she thinks I should wear a girdle the I should and do the best I can to make that discipline pleasing to her. It is just that simple.

Not happy about the reduction in size though.