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Wife Led Marriage and the Real World

As I mentioned in my last post, Hannah and I have been extraordinarily busy these last couple of months. Which, as we both work for ourselves, is a very good thing. Much as I enjoy writing this blog I serve Hannah best by making sure she has what she wants and we have what we need. That means paying attention to business where there is business to attend to.

Which brings up the interesting, at least to me, question of how the fact I live my life in a 24/7 wife led marriage impacts the rest of life. The answer is that, with a couple of minor exceptions, it is really no different than if we had a vanilla marriage. Yes, my cock is in its cage and I have a weight around my ball sack which, so far as I can find out, is only going to get heavier. And I have not been allowed an orgasmic ejaculation for a month or two. (I’ve been milked by Mady twice but that only increases my frustration.) I have been much too busy to get into any serious trouble so I have not been whipped. Mady likes to use her little cane to urge me on when she is exercising me and she also enjoys practicing her stroke; but that is nothing like a punishment caning.

At the same time a couple who have been happily married for a nice long time as Hannah and I have will make time for intimacy. Or, more exactly, Hannah enjoys having my oral attentions from time to time and will lie back and spread her legs quite often. Amusingly she says that since I have also been serving Mady orally my technique has improved. My own sense is that my tongue is simply getting stronger and my ability to pay very, very close attention to pleasuring Hannah has increased. Practice makes perfect and all that.

Certain things do not change and I spend my time in my corner every morning with my nose pressed into Hannah’s panties until she tells me I am done. I often end my day with her taste on my lips and begin it with her scent.

On the rare occasion I am allowed to go to the pub I am amused by how entirely sexless my pals lives are compared to mine and yet none of them is in chastity (so far as I know.) Here is the difference, Hannah enjoys my sexuality. She enjoys the fact she can have my tongue without having to do a thing in return. She likes the fact Mady teases me but, as yet, has not in nearly a year, asked for the key to my cage. Hannah likes the fact that I awake uncomfortably every morning about six as my micro-dose of Viagra pushes my morning wood into the confines of my cage. The Lady of the House likes the fact that I have to ask her for any money I might need and that I walk half a pace behind her in public and in Church. She take a visceral thrill in my daily submissions. She love my eagerness to be allowed to slide into her a few times a year and, perhaps, come.

“Now, darling, you are the man I’ve always wanted.” Hannah said to me a couple of days ago.

I hope so.

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A Proper Place

The Lady of the House has written about locking me up in my chastity device. She has decided she prefers me locked in place.

Of course I don’t have a vote but I am allowed an opinion: I would strongly recommend a chastity device for any man who really wants to be submissive to his wife.

At our house I have to put the device on myself and as it is quite small I need to avoid any excitement or I can’t fit it on. Hannah is more than capable of having me kneel with my cock in ice water until any hint of engorgement vanishes. Once I am in the device Hannah clicks the brass padlock shut.

When I first started wearing my cage she would let me out in a couple of days. That stretched to a week and then, in January I was kept locked for the entire month with a couple of very short breaks. The medical grade silicone is easy to keep clean and I find I can shower in the device although Hannah often lets me out for a quick, usually cold, shower. As I have written before, when I am in my cage my cock is isolated and feels very little. If I get excited, and Hannah enjoys exciting me, I get hard quickly. The cage let’s me have about half an erection. More than that hurts. Not horribly, just enough to be a bit unpleasant.

All of which means that the only time I have a full erection with all the pleasure that entails is when Hannah is in the mood to have my cock give her greater pleasure. Which means that the device ensures that my sexual pleasure is non-existent except when to woman I love wants to enjoy her pleasures.

Which is how it should be in a wife led marriage. The cock cage keeps me focused on my place, on my position.

Submissive Husband’s Best New Year’s Moves

dominant wife, submissive husband, FLR rules

Submissive Husband’s Rules

Yes, a little late but there it is. ‘This the season for advice listicles and here are a few submissive husband bullet points:

  • The word of the vow are “Love, honour and obey”. Women have been making this promise for centuries. Now it is our turn. But there are three words and obey comes last.
  • She knows you are horney. Whether you are caged or simply on the honour system, or like me kept chaste with a little of both, your wife knows you are sexuality on edge. Frustrated. And it just doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t because…
  • In a Female Led relationship only the female’s sexual desires matter. Submissive husbands learn to accept their place as eunuchs unless and until their wives wish to use them sexually.
  • Submissive husbands accept their wife’s right to discipline as necessary. Accepting that your wife will whip you at any time for any reason for as long as she believes is necessary is a huge step towards the real submission which is the key to a happy female led marriage.
  • A submissive male is exquisitely polite and deferential to his wife and her female friends. He accepts and embraces his wife, from time to time, deciding to flirt with other men. Should she decide to go further he knows that this is entirely her prerogative. It may well be that she will instruct him to make her arrangements just as he books her hair appointments or hand washes her lingerie.
  • A submissive husband loses the right to judge or criticise his wife. If she asks for his opinion – which rarely happens – his is obliged to give it but also to consider her superiority.
  • A submissive husband’s expression of his own masculinity is decided by his wife. Some wives will want Alpha males out in the world competing, others will prefer their husbands at home, in skirts and aprons. Some will want a little of both. The important thing is that the submissive husband offer his wife a range of choices and accept, gladly, his wife’s decision.
  • The dominant wife is the decision maker in the home – from religion to finances, social life to recreation her word is final. She may ask for her husband’s input but that is up to her.
  • A submissive husband, whether he works or not, should be kept on a strict allowance. If he needs money he should ask his wife so she can decide if he should have it.
  • A submissive husband is required, without being told, to keep himself attractive for his wife. In particular, he needs to keep his figure, shave as his wife requires, wear his hair in a style she prefers and wear such clothing, lingerie and scents as she decides.
  • A submissive husband can expect to serve his wife and, on occasion, her friends as a servant rather than an equal. His humiliation is of no significance.
  • dominant wife, submissive husband, female led marriage

  • Out in the world a submissive husband walks half a pace behind his wife, carries her purse and any packages or bags she may acquire. When she purchases an item she will instruct him to pay from her wallet.
  • Unless told otherwise, a submissive husband never drives. He also has to ask to use the remote control.
  • Finally, whether locked in a chastity device or not, a submissive husband always seats himself to urinate.

Do my readers have any of these sorts of rules to add. Leave them in the comments please.

Caged Pleasures

Hannah had been a bit intense all day and I thought I might be in for a maintenance whipping when she came to our bedroom around three. She took off her trousers and tossed her panties in my corner and lay back on our bed. “Well, get to work.” she said spread her legs. And I did.

I liked and sacked her sweet button and,rather quickly my darling Hannah grew close to coming.

“My panties are in your corner… Off you go.” I kissed her wet Pussy and did as I was told. A minute or two later I could hear her bucking and moaning as she gave herself sweet relief in privacy. My nose was pressed to the panties into my corner.

“Too bad you’re locked up and the keys downstairs. It might have been fun to feel you little cock in me. Get me a fresh pair of panties.”

I hastened to comply and watched as Hannah slipped them on.

“I like you caged”, she said, “It feels right for you. Especially when you get excited pleasuring me. For a moment there I thought your cock would feel nice but, without the key, I realized today was not one of those days. Not one of those days at all.”

I went back to work.


According to Amazon there are now four men who are likely to be spending some or all of the holidays locked in cock cages. As Hannah wrote, having my cock in a cage is symbolic:I was chaste and my sexuality was under Hannah’s control long before she locked me up. The fact that as I write my cock is in its little black silicon prison and has been for several days is certainly symbolic but it also has quite practical effects.

In my cage it is impossible for my cock to get fully erect. It can, uncomfortably, get and stay semi-erect and the ball ring keeps it engorged. At the same time the soft silicone insulates my cock and means that it gets next to no stimulation.

The lack of stimulation does not, however, mean that I am unaware of my cock. If anything the cage increases my awareness of the practical absence of my cock. Other than the discomfort of my broken erections, unless Hannah releases me, I simply feel nothing between my legs. Where my little cock had been there is a soft, black apparatus and a shiny brass padlock.

Hannah had worried that locking up my cock would lead me to thinking too much about it. After a few days caged this has not been the case. What I focus on is Hannah and her pleasures and enjoyment. I know that once I have pushed my cock into its cage and handed Hannah my key she largely forgets that I have a cock or that she has the key. And she is, I think, training me to focus on other, more useful and attractive things.

A final point, a lot of the writing about being locked in chastity focuses on how the cage keeps men horney because they are not allowed to come. As a man who was allowed to come only a few times a year even before my cock was “put away” I didn’t think this would be an issue for me. I was wrong. The deadening physical effect of the cage has made Hannah’s pleasure and her occasional teasing all the more precious to me because it reminds me of my place and what I have given away to become a man in my position. Lying locked up between Hannah’s thighs licking her sweet Pussy with two fingers still in her cunt and one two knuckles up her back door I know that my whole focus is on her orgasm, on filling my mouth with her sweetness and obediently swallowing her luscious liquids. And because I know she has left my key downstairs on her desk I am in no doubt that whether the Lady of the House chosen to finish on my tongue or in the privacy having me standing naked in my corner affords her, the last thing on her mind is my little cock straining in its cage.

Soon four more men are going to enjoy the pleasure of giving their sexuality to the women they adore. They can look forward to a happy New Year.


“So you just keep standing there pushing my nice moist panties into your corner. I want to see how hard your little cock can get in its cage.”

I was, as I always am for my morning corner time, naked except for my cock cage. Hannah ran her hand over my bottom.

“We’ll have to give you a good whipping over the weekend. I think you look better with welts and it makes going to church a bit more fun to see you fidgeting in your girdle.”

She slipped her hand between my cheeks and I could feel first one and the two of her fingers slip into my backdoor while she began stroking my nipples with her other hand.

“And maybe I should get your rod for your little backdoor. Put it up you for cocktails so you are all nice and stretched if I want to peg you after your whipping. You’d like that wouldn’t you. At least your little cock seems to be getting very hard in your cage… We’ll, darling, I’m sure your exercises will take care of your cute little election and that little dribble of pre cum will rinse off in the shower. I’ll just go and wash my hands and set your timer. When you hear it ring you may leave your corner and get on with your day.”

With that I felt Hannah’s fingers slide out of my bottom and she gave my left nipples a pinch between the nails of her thumb and middle finger as she does when she wants me to come. But there was none of that this morning. Just the vicious pinch and then silence as I push no nose further into the cotton gusset of her panties and felt my hard cock broken by its cage.


“So Darling,” Hannah said sleepily from our bed as I stood in my corner for my morning mindfulness, “How was your little cock cage to sleep in.”

“Surprisingly comfortable.” I replied as it had been.

“What about erections?” asked Hannah.

“Well, my morning erection was a bit difficult but one thing which I noticed is that because my cock is protected it isn’t stimulated by my nightie or the sheets or my panties so I didn’t have as many little erections as I usually do.”

“And you can’t play with yourself in your corner as I know you used to. What about peeing?” Hannah asked.

“Not a problem if I sit down.”

“Good. I think it looks quite nice. Much neater than having your little cock flopping around. You may get my tea.”

Not a word about taking the cage off.