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The Weekend

dominant wife“So Darling” said Hannah as I stood in my corner, face pressed into her yesterday panties, locked in my cock cage and ball stretcher but otherwise naked as I am every morning, “After exercise today I am going to unlock your little cock.”

Other submissive husbands who are locked in chastity on a full-time basis will know how much release means after a few months in a cage. Simply to have an erection which is not stifled by the cage is a huge treat.

“It is going to be a hot weekend.” Hannah continued, “And as you know I like you unlocked over the summer. I may have Mady renew her vows this weekend in which case I’ll want your cock ready and able to take her properly. I have not made up my mind. Of course, your cute little ball stretcher will remain in place. I wasn’t sure when I first got it but there is no question that your little testicles are hanging lower which, I think, makes them at least look a little bigger.”

“Now, before you get any ideas about your little cock being free, the fact is that you are not going to be allowed to come even if I do have you take Mady. But you will be able to get hard and with the extra Viagra you’ve been taking I suspect you’ll be hard a lot of the time. Which means a girdle for Church, dear. And don’t forget. I don’t want to see even your tiny tent.”

“Oh good, here’s Mady with my tea. Mady, elliot will be out of his cage this weekend. I’ll unlock him after you’ve exercised him.”

“Very good ma’am.”

“I’ve told him he is not to come. But you can certainly tease and keep him nice and hard.”

“With pleasure ma’am. But I doubt I will have to tease very much.” said Mady. I could hear the smile in her voice.

“I expect you won’t dear. But if he seems to be getting too excited there is always a cold shower or the ice bucket.”

“Yes ma’am.” said Mady as she left.

“I very much enjoyed your oral attentions elliot. I suspect that rather than having Mady this weekend we’ll see how well you can do strokes with me. Now go and have your shower. Lots to do.”

I did as I was told with, I must admit, a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

“Oh, don’t look smug.” said the Lady of the House sipping her tea, “You might be back in your cage by dinner time. And you have two new books to get finished and up on Amazon. I’ve been quite pleased with the sales of our books on female led marriages and all your silly smut. But you need to do more.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I said. Always her decision. Her whim. Perfect.

Hot and Busy…

dominant wife, submissive husband, cock cageYes, I have been a very naughty blogger as Hannah was pointing out to me just this morning.

“I know how the evening ended with Mady, but your readers don’t and I am not about to write it for you,” she said to me as I stood naked in my corner. “Now, I know that it has been hot, so hot that I have not had you in your little cock cage or in a girdle all month. But this is ridiculous.”

I don’t talk in my corner. And if I nod my head there is the danger of dropping Hannah’s panties so I don’t do that either.

“Well, elliot, it has cooled off and if I can manage to write the first part of a novel while it has been this hot, I can’t see why you can’t write up the last part of our evening with Mady. Or are you too humiliated still, nearly two months later. Either way, it will not do. It is cooler now, Mady is settled in, you are much less busy.”

“But I suspect that you have been having far too much fun and thinking far too much about your little cockette. Obviously, you need to be locked up to get anything done. Turn around.”

I did as I was told. Hannah had my cock cage waiting. She grabbed my little cock and balls and put the smallest ring around them. “The small ring will be a little tight and a little uncomfortable, all the time. And I’ve told Mady she should tease you much more than she has been when you’ve been out of your cage.” Hannah pulled my cock into the cage and, none too gently, crammed it in. “You can adjust that later.” she said reaching for the padlock which she snapped shut. “And, just to give you a little extra incentive, I am upping your Viagra starting today. I want that pathetic little cock straining against your little sissy cockette cage. Maybe then you’ll get cracking and start writing. Do I make myself clear?”

As Hannah said this last she squeezed my testicles, hard. I winced with pain.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Hannah kept the pressure on. “I’ve spoken with Mady and you are going to be disciplined there too. More corner time, fewer little touching pleasures. Or tasting pleasures you goat. You have a blog to update and the rest of your work and, don’t forget, I want our new book done this week without fail.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, now get dressed and get to work. Send Mady up with my tea.”

I was dismissed. Off to work. And here I am.

Recovering from Halloween…Free Erotica

My darling Hannah certainly had her fun with me on Halloween. A day spent en femme, cock caged and more of a trick than a treat. She’s given me the weekend to post about how I felt.

Hannah has also instructed me to put up these two free Kindle books for our dedicated readers. The first is a treat for those of you who have followed this blog for several years. Pictures of Hannah herself modeling some very pretty lingerie and stockings. The second is the first of our men’s magazines from the 50’s and sixties covers. Enjoy!

Click here for Stockings Tops:

dominant wife

The Lady of the House

Click here for Adam Magazine Covers:

dominant wife, mens magazines, submissive husband

Vintage Mens Magazines

To see all our magazines you can go to our author page here.

What a lot of Naughty Books…

Hannah has always encouraged me to build Kindle Books about our relationship but also about all manner of topics of a mildly naughty nature which I find intriguing. I have been building a few a month for a year or two and, good Heavens, what a lot that turns out to be.

bondage magazine, BDSM

Naughty girls tied up

The most recent is a set of bondage magazine covers from the 1970’s and 1980’s. One of the things which I enjoy about the older magazines is the lively innocence of the models. They are playing in various titilating ways.

You can see all the books I’ve made, and Hannah has approved, at my new Amazon author’s page. The author’s page is really rather slick.

Here are two free books to start your week with a little lingerie fun:

50’s Lingerie 50’s gals in stockings, girdles and bullet bras.

And So to Bed Pretty Girls in Nighties

Free Kindle Books

To celebrate 200 posts to this blog the Lady of the House has instructed me to post some free Kindle books over the next few days. If you like these please review.

Here are two of the over 50 books we’ve published in the last couple of years…we’ll be making more available for the rest of the month.

50’s Smut
Glamour Art

free kindle books, sexy kindle books

Free Kindle books

And you don’t need a Kindle to read them you can download a reader here. MAC Android

Questions from Escorts – Done!

how to escort book

Escorts’ questions answered

“Well aren’t you the clever boy”, said Hannah as I brought her morning tea. “Here my panties and you can stand in your corner while I finish reading.”

Off I went and dropped my dressing gown and pressed the pretty lace into the corner with my nose. A lovely way to start the day. Hannah was propped up in our bed and I could hear her chuckling softly as she flipped through the pages of Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun.

“Done. And I must say you’ve done a good job. Of course the big book is going to take more time. But I like this one. Now you go and shower, get your girdle on and put up links on all that social media you keep on about. But first, come over here.”

So I did, and have.

This is a quirky sort of book. Hannah doing the research for her book on Escorting for Elegant Women talked to a lot of escorts who have, in turn, asked her all sorts of questions. From how to be a mistress – in the old sense of the word – to finding the right man to buy you your high heels. I think Hannah has a wonderful style and she writes with a real sense of fun. You can get Questions for Miss Jay:An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun here.