dominant wife, maid, submissive husbandNeedless to say I listened from my corner as Hannah told Mady she wanted me to be exercised. I spent a hour and a half at my desk and then Mady came into my office to fetch me.

“We’ll always start in my space Sir.” she said leading me up to her pleasing loft apartment. The loft itself is quite large stretching from over the two car garage all the way to the view side of the house. It has high ceilings and lovely, even, light.

“Stand over there and strip to your little cage.” said Mady walking around me in her jodhpurs, transparent blouse and boots. Soon I was naked.

“Now, Sir, we’re going to start slowly. The Lady of the House tells me that your doctor is satisfied that you are in fairly good shape for a man of your age. Which is good but we’ll start slowly in any case. First some warm up.”

She had me go through some stretching exercises on a yoga mat showing me each move and correcting my execution. Then we did, or rather I did, some deep squats and then some shallow squats. Nothing too difficult.

“Now, I think you are warmed up enough.” said Mady from behind me. “Squat down. Excellent.”

I felt a weight on my shoulders and I realized that Mady had put herself on me piggy back style. “Very good. Now, back straight and stand up.”

Mady is not at all a big girl. Quite the contrary, small and small boned. Perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet. But that is a lot on your shoulders. I felt her long whip lick my bottom.


I began to walk very carefully.

“To the window and back.” said Mady flicking her whip. I adjusted to my load and walked as directed. “Now trot a little. Knees up.”

I tried to do what I was told but it was very difficult and I faltered a little on our trot back to the window. I felt a sharp crack of the whip.

“You are not very strong yet. We’ll be doing this daily for a little longer each day and, soon, you’ll be doing sets of squats with me on your shoulders. When the weather warms a bit we’ll get you a little cart for you to pull and, by Spring, you’ll be able to pull the Lady of the House and her maid around the property. Of course, part of your exercise regime will be to build the track. Now squat again so I can dismount.”

I hastened to obey and the lithe little creature swung herself off my shoulders.

“Excellent. We’ll work on your carry for a few weeks. We’ll stay inside until the weather is better but later I’ll enjoy working you outdoors. It is so nice that the property is so private. Now, get dressed and walk for 45 minutes. I have set up an app on your phone to count your steps. We’ll get a baseline today and work up from there. You may go.”

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Of Course You Need a Whipping

dominant wife, submissive husband

Bend over…

“Well it has been much too long since you’ve been whipped darling. So pull up your nighty and bend over.”

Hannah was right, it had been too long. Holidays, good behaviour, the lasting effects of a daily ten minutes pressing her panties into my corner and thinking of her. Perhaps the little black chastity cage where my cock has been since New Years Eve reminds me to be on my best behaviour. But I had not been whipped for weeks.

There was no nonsense with Hannah. I took my position and I heard the cane slice through the air. The first six strokes were fairly light as Hannah found her range. The next six were firmer and the cane began to bite.

“Lovely. All nice and red. But now dear it is time for you to have some real stripes. Six should be sufficient today.”

With that Hannah drew her cane back and put some real force into the next stroke. She has whipped me harder but not much. Three more strokes lined my bottom and I knew what was coming. After the straight strokes are the crosses where Hannah brings her cane down at 45 degrees and each place it crosses an earlier stroke is blistered. I braced for the first cross stroke and vocalized as it came. Two more each an inch away from the last and Hannah was done.

“Now, you can go to your corner and think about how much you want to avoid a punishment caning this year. And no rubbing.”

Hannah peeled off her moist panties and pointed me to my corner, bottom blazing.

“I’ll call you when you’re done.” she said leaving me in my corner.

Loved, cherished and slightly bruised.

Submissive Husband’s Best New Year’s Moves

dominant wife, submissive husband, FLR rules

Submissive Husband’s Rules

Yes, a little late but there it is. ‘This the season for advice listicles and here are a few submissive husband bullet points:

  • The word of the vow are “Love, honour and obey”. Women have been making this promise for centuries. Now it is our turn. But there are three words and obey comes last.
  • She knows you are horney. Whether you are caged or simply on the honour system, or like me kept chaste with a little of both, your wife knows you are sexuality on edge. Frustrated. And it just doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t because…
  • In a Female Led relationship only the female’s sexual desires matter. Submissive husbands learn to accept their place as eunuchs unless and until their wives wish to use them sexually.
  • Submissive husbands accept their wife’s right to discipline as necessary. Accepting that your wife will whip you at any time for any reason for as long as she believes is necessary is a huge step towards the real submission which is the key to a happy female led marriage.
  • A submissive male is exquisitely polite and deferential to his wife and her female friends. He accepts and embraces his wife, from time to time, deciding to flirt with other men. Should she decide to go further he knows that this is entirely her prerogative. It may well be that she will instruct him to make her arrangements just as he books her hair appointments or hand washes her lingerie.
  • A submissive husband loses the right to judge or criticise his wife. If she asks for his opinion – which rarely happens – his is obliged to give it but also to consider her superiority.
  • A submissive husband’s expression of his own masculinity is decided by his wife. Some wives will want Alpha males out in the world competing, others will prefer their husbands at home, in skirts and aprons. Some will want a little of both. The important thing is that the submissive husband offer his wife a range of choices and accept, gladly, his wife’s decision.
  • The dominant wife is the decision maker in the home – from religion to finances, social life to recreation her word is final. She may ask for her husband’s input but that is up to her.
  • A submissive husband, whether he works or not, should be kept on a strict allowance. If he needs money he should ask his wife so she can decide if he should have it.
  • A submissive husband is required, without being told, to keep himself attractive for his wife. In particular, he needs to keep his figure, shave as his wife requires, wear his hair in a style she prefers and wear such clothing, lingerie and scents as she decides.
  • A submissive husband can expect to serve his wife and, on occasion, her friends as a servant rather than an equal. His humiliation is of no significance.
  • dominant wife, submissive husband, female led marriage

  • Out in the world a submissive husband walks half a pace behind his wife, carries her purse and any packages or bags she may acquire. When she purchases an item she will instruct him to pay from her wallet.
  • Unless told otherwise, a submissive husband never drives. He also has to ask to use the remote control.
  • Finally, whether locked in a chastity device or not, a submissive husband always seats himself to urinate.

Do my readers have any of these sorts of rules to add. Leave them in the comments please.

My Position

submissive husband, dominant wife

Look but don’t even think of touching

Hannah has posted a wonderful description of how our lives work over at her blog, A Dominant Wife. I think she says it all but, of course, there is one thing which she does not discuss probably because it is so natural to her that she wouldn’t even think about it.

As a couple we are discreet but there is little doubt amongst our friends and the various people we deal with that our marriage is female led. We don’t make a big deal of it but, as an example, if Hannah invites a girlfriend over I am simply expected to serve and to, once I have seen to their wine and hors d’oeurves make myself scarce. Sometimes Hannah will ring her little crystal bell if she needs anything, if she doesn’t, after about half an hour, I will go and check to make sure everything is satisfactory. Many times in our marriage, women have commented on how “well trained” I am. Hannah simply agrees.

When we are out in public my role is very much to defer to Hannah. And this can and does include carrying her purse when she is shopping or holding clothes she wishes to try on. My position is often noticed by shop girls. Now a lot of this is simply good manners. However, being told in a hair salon to “Wait here” while Hannah is attended to is more than just good manners. It is the public assertion of authority.

That assertion is even more evident if we have one of her girlfriends over for dinner. I will be included to a degree but Hannah thinks nothing of telling me “So darling, clear up the dishes and off you go to bed.” while she entertains her guest. And, on more than one occasion, where I have been a bit forward, she has said in front of one or two girlfriends, “That’s enough of that, you go upstairs to your corner and I will ring when you can come back down.”

She is less assertive when we are entertaining a couple, she does not like to weaken me in front of other men; but she has no hesitation in using her feminine authority when I am the only male present.

While Hannah does not often discuss our sex life with her girlfriends, I have been present when she has been asked for advice by a friend and she is very direct. “Right from the go you should make it very clear to your boyfriend/husband that you are in charge. Just tell him that you’ll be having sex when you want to have sex and only then.” The ladies usually look a bit surprised or shocked but the ones who try this method tend to visit often and seem very happy.

I often wonder if Hannah’s friends’ husbands are put in chastity or caned. But it is not something which men talk about.

Back to the Basics

dominant wife, obedient husband“Darling, when you have finished in the bathroom come and kneel by the bed.” said Hannah a bit sleepily. We’ve been moving and it has meant a lot of our routine has been disrupted. And, for some reason, the Lady of the House has had no interest in her own pleasure much less mine. Too busy I suspect. I knelt.

“So here is one of your tablets for that little cockette.” said Hannah holding out a small dosage of Viagra. “I want you to start getting hard regularly. It keeps you focussed and now that we are moved in I want to get back to our routine. I know I have not whipped you in a couple of weeks and, up until now, there really has not been an empty corner to put you in. But first, lets have you erect more often.”

With that Hannah pinched my nipple between her thumbnail and her sharp index finger nail as I knelt. “Now look at that little cock…even before the Viagra it is getting so hard. Are you almost finished the next volume of our book?”

“Just about darling. I have it in review at Kindle.”

Hannah gave my nipple a twist and then my now hard cock a friendly but stiff slap. “Good. Still called “Obedient Husband” I trust.”

“Yes Miss. That’s what you wanted it called so that is what I called it.”

Hannah held my testicles and began to squeeze uncomfortably. “Well it has certainly taken you long enough. And once this book is done I want the Maid book up and then we are going to write a guide to Elegant Female Led Marriages – well, you are going to write it and I am going to supervise and revise. Now that we are in the country you’ll have fewer distractions. And you can get to work on our books and on getting a lot fitter.”

She slide her middle finger into my backdoor. “It is a long winter coming up. I think we need to go back to basics. More pleasure for me, more discipline for you.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you like my finger in your bottom?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, we are going to be concentrating a bit back there. Now get to work.” she said pulling her finger free.

Mindful in my Corner

As Hannah was undressing last night she put her pretty white panties to one side.

“Darling. I’ve decided I’ll be leaving my panties out of the laundry from time to time. If you see I have left them for you it means I want you to spend some time in your corner in the morning while you are waiting for my kettle to boil. I don’t want to have to remind you. If my panties are out your nose is in your corner when I wake up. Then, a bit later in the morning you can rinse them out.”

Which is exactly what happened this morning: Hannah awoke to the site of my lightly bruised bottom and her still moist panties pressed by my nose into the wall. She said nothing and, eventually, her kettle boiled and we got on with our day.


Whipped and Used

submissive husband, caned husbandHannah was more than a little cross with me for being needlessly jealous and, worse, daring to criticize her behaviour. I knew I would be whipped and I was.

But, after my poor bottom was well welted – 18 strokes is a serious punishment – the Lady of the House was kind enough to sit right down on my face and let me lick her perfect pussy until she came. I was wonderfully covered in her sweet nectar.

She writes about it in detail at her blog A Dominant Wife