I’d like my Wife to Lead

female lead marriageWell, have you told her?

Or is she leading already but you have simply not made it explicit.

Remember, a female lead relationship is not about the whipping and the corner time; it is about fundamentally surrendering the power men have traditionally held in marriage. “Love, honour and obey” are the wife’s words at the altar. While it has been conventional to leave out the “obey” for modern marriages, in a female lead marriage it is the man who is obliged to say the words and live the life.

To obey your wife, in bed and out, with your friends, your business associates, your family, is a huge, if subtle commitment. A surrendered husband had best hope his wife is as kind and loving as traditional wives pray their husbands will be.

So think about that and then, when you are sure, wait for a quiet moment and kneel to your wife and ask.

Remember, there is a very real danger she’ll say yes so be very sure that a Female Lead Relationship is what you want.


  1. I agree with you. She will not spank me; but, does make me sit
    in chair and not to move. She waits while I make supper and very seldom thanks me for supper. I know my place. She allows me to
    femininze myself; but, she is not interested.

  2. I’d like my woman to lead, too! I’d like my wife to be in total control of our marriage. I want her to be extremely dominant, dominant to the extent that she won’t even let me breathe without her permission. I’d have to do all the work in the house and do whatever she asks me to do. She alone will take all the decisions like where we’ll live, how many children we are going to have, how we’re going to spend our money, etc. etc. My wife also has to be physically dominant, or in other words, considerably stronger than I am. Otherwise I don’t think she can be as dominant as I want her to be. I also want her to physically intimidate me all the time. 🙂

  3. I have knelt down to my wife and expressed I want her to lead. To dominant in what she wants and what pleases her. She is a very loving and caring wife. And is having some issues in being demanding towards me. I told her that her demands will be met with love and obidinece.

  4. I have been a happily submissive husband in a FLM for 3 years now. I can remember very clearly as I was contemplating how to present this to my wife, I knew that if I was just trying to bullshit her (and me) into assuming a dominant role because it was a fantasy, that it would ned badly. For me, the most important aspect of our relationship is …. can I/do I get my primary source of genuine pleasure for serving her and seeing her have pleasure. YES!

    Never forget that.

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