Maid’s Waist

As it happens the lady of the house and I both enjoy the form a good tight corset gives a young woman. We had known that Tanyia had enjoyed corseting briefly for a photographic shoot so we suggested that, during the ladies maid and serving portion of her busy day she might like to figure train. She thought that would be fun.

It is my delightful duty to, when she has the corset on, lace Tanyia in. She began with a natural 27 inch waist. We have been training for a little while and she has lost a bit of weight. We measure her once a week and try to take her down roughly half an inch a week. For work, of course, she needs to leave her corset at least two inches looser than her theoretical minimum.

Here is one of the corsets Tanya wears which you can get at Amazon.

From 27 inches, 23″ is a reasonable target (22″ for special occasions and for fairly short stretches). We wanted to keep some record of her progress with her full and delighted agreement. Today is the first measurement day. We’ll measure weekly. We use a tape measure at the narrowest point of her waist. I think next week I will get a hip measurement so we can watch the hip spring increase.

December 14, 2011: 25 1/2″

And just for fun, we thought your would enjoy this delightful video of a book by the re-inventor of the modern corseted girl, John Willie.

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