male chastity, cock cage, dominant wifeI must admit I was a little leery about the combination of my cock cage and a ball stretching stainless steel ring. While I am, of course, obedient, it seemed to me that this arrangement was going to be too uncomfortable to sustain.

It turns out I was wrong. Yes, unlike the straight cage which I barely notice now, the ball stretcher is a constant reminder that I am in thrall to Hannah. But while I notice that there is a weight on my testicles at all times, it is a far from unpleasant sensation. After the initial shock of Mady pulling my sack until she could fit this second device, everything seems to have settled down and my body has adjusted to its new confinement.

Going to be last night Hannah was thoroughly delighted with my new, as she put it, bracelet and spent a few minutes with her long, red fingernails tracing round my very well presented balls. As I have not been allowed any relief since Mady fucked me on Boxing Day, my balls are rather full and Hannah enjoyed cupping and squeezing. She made me hold up my nightie and pinched my nipples as well which got me very hard in my cage. Now that was uncomfortable but I am used to it. Then she told me to get into bed and allowed me to read for ten minutes.

My early morning erection was a bit more challenging than usual but I got through it.

The one thing the ball stretcher does do is make it truly impossible to even think about slipping out of my cock cage. Before the stretcher, very occasionally, my smaller right testicle would, somehow, slip out of the ring and I would have to tell Hannah so I could be relocked. I am pretty sure that will never happen again as the stretcher has a relatively small aperture for my ball sack to fit through. Which means my actual testicles are behind a piece of stainless steel far too large to slip through the silicone ring holding my cock cage on. When Hannah decides to fit the stainless steel cock cage on there will be no escape at all short of bolt cutters.

I am loved, locked and deeply content.

[One note: In the last five days twelve couples – or perhaps single men – have embraced the gift of male chastity by purchasing a silicone or stainless steel cock cage through our Amazon links. Hannah and I would like to thank you as we receive a small commission which Hannah spends on delightful Christmas gifts and books. Thank you!]

Something New – Stretching

ball stretchers, cock cage, dominant wife, submissive husbandI heard Hannah say something to Mady as I stood in my corner yesterday morning.  I couldn’t quite make out what it was but I heard Mady say, “After his shower ma’am. Very good ma’am.” A few minutes later I was sent to my shower.

I am still wearing my silicone cock cage as The Lady of the House is not quite ready to put me in my new steel cock cage for some reason. The great thing about the silicone cage is that you can easily shower in it. You will want to be careful drying because any residual water can cause chafing; but if you are careful you can keep everything clean with a minimum of fuss. I came out of my shower to see Mady waiting for me in the dressing room.

“I am to put this on, Sir.” she said holding up a stainless steel appliance and a small Allan wrench. It was a scrotum stretcher. I knew Hannah had ordered these from Amazon but I have to admit I had not expected one to be fitted before the stainless steel cage. And, in fact, I was not sure if the stretcher could be worn with a cage.

The geometry of the thing seemed wrong. After all, the cage is attached to a ring which fits behind and on top of my testicles. How the other piece of steel was to fit beat me.

Mady was not deterred.

“Hands over your head, Sir, this may pinch a bit.” she said matter of factly.

I did as I was told. I felt Mady’s small, warm hand wrap round just above my balls and then I felt her pull. Pinch does not quite describe the sensation. I looked down and saw Mady close the smallest stretcher over the taut flesh of my scrotum and drop the little Allan screw into place. Two quick twists of the wrench and that collar was not going anywhere.

“All done, Sir. And the Lady of the House was quite right, we’ll need to leave you in the more flexible silicone until your sack has stretched a little. But I am sure we’ll have you in steel before the end of the month. Now, the Lady of the House wants to see the stretcher.”

I walked into our bedroom where Hannah was just finishing her tea.

“Oh isn’t that perfect Mady. Was it difficult to put on?” asked Hannah.

“No ma’am. Just a matter of a little pull at the right moment. And I am sure Sir will stretch easily. The skin there is very elastic.” said Mady.

“Excellent. We’ll leave him with the single ring for a week and then go to two. How does it feel Darling?”

“Heavy.” I said honestly. “It doesn’t hurt now; but there seems to be a constant pressure.”

“Good.” said Hannah, “It will take some time but your little cockette will look even smaller when you have a nicely stretched sack. In any case, go and get dressed. I want to get out of bed and I’ll need Mady in a moment or two.”


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Free Kindle Escorting Book

how to escort book

Escorts’ questions answered

Happy New Year!

A few months ago The Lady of the House took questions from escorts and ladies who thought they might be interested in escorting. Questions for Miss Jay is a light hearted exploration of the oldest profession.

Hannah’s interest in escorts, courtesans and mistresses reflects her view that these women provide a vital, sexy and stylish service to attached and unattached men. They are the girls men invest with their fantasy lives, their insecurities and their secrets.  As Hannah put it to me when we were working on Questions for Miss Jay:

“I think every young girl should spend a year or two being kept as a mistress. Whether she decides to work on the retail side of the sex trade or not, simply having the experience of a man paying for your favours is a great, feminine, experience. When I answer questions about threesomes or how to wear stockings or deal with a foot fetish, I start with a sex work positive attitude. This is a book more about style, elegance and flirtation that it is about prostitution; an elegant woman accepts the fact that, from time to time, men will wish to give her money and then encourages this behavior.”

This is a book for escorts and girls thinking of escorting or becoming mistresses; but it is also a book for ladies who simply want a different, knowing, take on fashion, style, men, sexuality and elegance in a modern world.

For a limited time Questions for Miss Jay  is free at Amazon.


dominant wife, maid, submissive husbandNeedless to say I listened from my corner as Hannah told Mady she wanted me to be exercised. I spent a hour and a half at my desk and then Mady came into my office to fetch me.

“We’ll always start in my space Sir.” she said leading me up to her pleasing loft apartment. The loft itself is quite large stretching from over the two car garage all the way to the view side of the house. It has high ceilings and lovely, even, light.

“Stand over there and strip to your little cage.” said Mady walking around me in her jodhpurs, transparent blouse and boots. Soon I was naked.

“Now, Sir, we’re going to start slowly. The Lady of the House tells me that your doctor is satisfied that you are in fairly good shape for a man of your age. Which is good but we’ll start slowly in any case. First some warm up.”

She had me go through some stretching exercises on a yoga mat showing me each move and correcting my execution. Then we did, or rather I did, some deep squats and then some shallow squats. Nothing too difficult.

“Now, I think you are warmed up enough.” said Mady from behind me. “Squat down. Excellent.”

I felt a weight on my shoulders and I realized that Mady had put herself on me piggy back style. “Very good. Now, back straight and stand up.”

Mady is not at all a big girl. Quite the contrary, small and small boned. Perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet. But that is a lot on your shoulders. I felt her long whip lick my bottom.


I began to walk very carefully.

“To the window and back.” said Mady flicking her whip. I adjusted to my load and walked as directed. “Now trot a little. Knees up.”

I tried to do what I was told but it was very difficult and I faltered a little on our trot back to the window. I felt a sharp crack of the whip.

“You are not very strong yet. We’ll be doing this daily for a little longer each day and, soon, you’ll be doing sets of squats with me on your shoulders. When the weather warms a bit we’ll get you a little cart for you to pull and, by Spring, you’ll be able to pull the Lady of the House and her maid around the property. Of course, part of your exercise regime will be to build the track. Now squat again so I can dismount.”

I hastened to obey and the lithe little creature swung herself off my shoulders.

“Excellent. We’ll work on your carry for a few weeks. We’ll stay inside until the weather is better but later I’ll enjoy working you outdoors. It is so nice that the property is so private. Now, get dressed and walk for 45 minutes. I have set up an app on your phone to count your steps. We’ll get a baseline today and work up from there. You may go.”

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Post Christmas training

girdle, rago girdle, rago open bottom girdle

Girdles: a lady’s firm foundation

“You are a naughty man aren’t you.” said Hannah as I undressed for bed. “Between the ham, the turkey and the good red wine I fear you have undone all the good work you did before Christmas.”

“Well I might have gained a couple of pounds, dear.” I said as I slipped my nighty on as quickly as I could.

“Try eight, maybe ten. Well, it is a good idea for you to pick up your exercise in any account and I wanted Mady to put her personal training experience to use. But, even better, I was just looking on Amazon for a few items and I discovered they have the Rago girdles I like you in on sale. Long line panty girdles with a zipper are such an incentive for an obedient husband. And for sixteen dollars off I can get you two new ones. Plus, I want to get myself two open bottom girdles. I was noticing in Church that there are a fair number of women in this little place who could use some firm foundations and in my position I may be able to lead.”

“Does the question of foundations come up often when you go for coffee after Church.” I asked gtting into bed.

“Don’t be cheeky my darling. I am often complimented on my figure, and on Mady’s, and there is certainly no reason not to tell the good ladies and, more importantly, their lumpy daughters, that a bit of exercise and good foundations will make their dresses fit properly.

“Yes dear.” I said turning out the overhead lights.

girdles, girdle advertising, girdle cross dressing

Update: Hannah just reminded me that we did a book on girdles, well really about wonderful old girdle advertising from the 1940’s and 1950’s. If you ever wondered why ladies wore girdles this book makes the beauty of restraint all too apparent.

Here’s the Amazon link to our girdle book.

Punishing the Maid..

tumblr_nwtxlvxq9d1qan68po1_1280“Darling,” said Hannah as I stood in my corner with her very sweet panties pressed to the wall, “You run along and have your shower now. I will ring for Mady and you should make sure your tight little backdoor is clean and well lubricated. Time for a little fun for you. Come back in a towel.”

These days I am never sure what “a little fun” will mean.  Hannah enjoys my oral attentions a couple of times a week and very much like me caged. She let me out for strokes – exactly twenty – on Christmas Eve and then, before I came pushed my hips away and sent me to my corner while she finished with a new vibrator. I was throbbing and very nearly came just standing facing my corner and hearing Hannah’s pleasure. I was sent for a cold shower and locked back up.

On Christmas morning, having given Mady her three, quarter cup bras and sheer blouses for her uniform, Hannah thought it would be fun for Mady to try them on. Never a shy girl, Mady popped off her top and bra right in my library where we had the tree. She really does have darling breasts and the fact the bras provided a little support but no concealment made the sheer blouses very stimulating indeed. I was straining in my cage as I buttoned up Mady’s third blouse. “Lovely,” said The Lady of the House, “But I think I’d like to see the effect when your nipples are erect Mady. So you pinch one and, elliot, with your hands behind your back, you suck on the other for a moment.” I did what I was told and Mady’s pretty little nipples were perking up in no time. My cock was practically bursting through the silicone of my cage. Hannah reached between my legs, took my cock in it’s cage and gave it a squeeze. “We’ll lock you up in your steel cock cage soon. But I may miss being able to squeeze this little caged cock. Especially with Mady showing off her lovely, hard nipples as she does the dusting.”

And now this. I showered and carefully washed, douched and lubricated my backdoor. As instructed I returned to our bedroom where an interesting scene awaited. Hannah was sitting, in her negligee on the side of our bed. Mady was standing, head bowed in front of her and beside Hannah were a bathbrush, a dog whip and a double ended vibrator set in a strap-on harness. I stood and waited for instructions.

“I am afraid, elliot, that Mady has been a rather bad girl. She’s going to have to be punished but I thought first of all that it is only right that you see our naughty maid take her thrashing, and be available to control her if necessary, and then let her work out any negative emotions by fucking you with this cute little dildo pushed up her little twat.” said the Lady of the House in her most authoritative voice. “So, Mady. Let us begin. First, roll up your skirt and take off your panties and hand them to elliot.”

Mady complied and, when she handed me her black lace panties her scent was extraordinary. She was going to be punished and she was obviously very excited indeed.

“Now Mady, kneel in front of me.” said Hannah. Mady did being careful to keep her skirt at her waist. Her pretty bottom was framed by her thin black ribbon suspenders and black lace top stockings. She kept her day heels on. Her nipples were rock hard in the cups of her quarter bra and pressed against the black, sheers, gossamer of her blouse. “Well.”

“Madame. I am so sorry I tried on your dress without your permission. And your shoes and your emerald necklace. I deserved to be punished and I accept whatever you plan to do to me.”

“Mady. I am perfectly happy to let you try on my clothes if you ask permission. You can even have elliot assist you. But you did not have my permission. So you are going to be punished and then put in the box for the day. Do you understand?”

“The box Ma’am…Couldn’t I have a longer spanking?”

“No Mady. I think you are rather excited to be spanked and you need to be corrected not excited. elliot will lock you in the box after we are done here. Now, push the strap-on up yourself and buckle it on.” As Hannah said this she handed Mady the simple two ended dildo. It had a vibrator at the end which was pushed up Mady’s pussy. Then it went out of the hole in the harness to a longer, smooth end. Mady gasped a bit as the cold vibe was pushed into her wet, warm cunt but that is to be expected. Once all was in place Hannah said, “Now, get over your knee for the first part of your punishment. I am going to give you a good paddling with this bath brush and then, when I am satisfied, you are going to give elliot a good fucking. But, and here is the thing, I am going to dog whip you until he ejaculates. You’ll have three minutes to get him in the groove and then you’ll start earning your stripes. I will certainly teach you not to use my things, young lady. Now, across my knees. elliot, while I am paddling Mady get a pillow, go to the end of the bed, put your towel on the pillow, drape yourself over and enjoy Mady’s pussy scent while you watch me correct her.”

“Yes, Hannah.” I said marvelling at how Hannah always manages to mix punishment and pleasure. Poor Mady, I know what Hannah can do with that bathbrush. I took my position only a foot or two away from Mady’s quivering bottom. Her strapon was levered into her cunt by Hannah’s thigh but I could not hear the tell tale buzz of its vibrator.

Hannah began slowly and softly alternating her strokes from one side of Mady’s pretty bottom to the other. Mady was stoic at first but, as the intensity of Hannah’s strokes increased, began to grunt a little and lift first one foot then the other. Her pussy seemed, to my eye at least, to be slicking up around the dildo held in by the harness and the leverage of Hannah’s pretty thigh. As I knew it would, Hannah’s pace increased and her arm rose higher with each stroke of the bathbrush. Mady was vocalizing now and kicking up her feet as her bottom went from a delicious pink to a deeper red and now on to crimson. Mady began to sob but Hannah simply increased the force of her brush. Now her cunt was dripping wet as the pain and the pleasre merged. Then, after at least fifty “twaaks” of the bath brush, Mady twisted to look at Hannah, tears running down her face, “Please stop Ma’am…Pleeeese.” Hannah continued. I knew from experience that Hannah would stop when she thought the lesson had been learned.

That took at least twenty five more full force cracks of the bath brush. Mady’s bottom went from crimson to a bruised purple with a white spot where last the brush had landed and pushed the blood away from the surface. Mady had given up struggling. Now she just lay across Hannah’s lap enduring her punishment and sobbing. At last Hannah was done. Livid purple bruises with the start of the yellowing which marks a really good paddling covered Mady’s bottom. Mady fought to control her tears and her sobbing and, when she had, Hannah said. “Now, get to work.”

Mady got up, slowly, and looked at me ready to be taken as I lay over my pillow. My cock caged was straining against the ribs of my prison. I was so hard and so excited by how beautifully my perfect wife had spanked her maid. A moment later I felt the dildo invade my backdoor and begin thrusting. And I felt her hot tears on my back as she shoved her dildo home and began to thrust. Now I could hear the hum of the vibe and, as Mady fucked me I found myself responding. Pushing back to meet her silicone cock. I could feel the beginning of the rush of seminal fluid which my prostate would dribble. But that would take a while.

Then I heard the first crack of the dog whip on poor Mady’s already throbbing bottom. It caught Mady by surprise and she jerked backward pulling the dildo out of my bottom.

“Stupid girl…He’s never going to ejaculate if you keep falling out.” I heard Hannah say. The dildo was pushed back up me and Mady resumed her thrusts. She knew, from having me before, that the fastest way to get me to ejaculate was to slide the dildo up and down over the inch or so where my prostate was most sensitive. So the fastest way to end her whipping was to stay fairly still and on target. Which is what she did as Hannah, from time to time, brought the dog whip down on her pulsing butt. But even when Hannah increased her pace and the force of her strokes, Mady kept her dildo on target. She was moaning and the tears had started again, but, the vibrator was doing its job and Mady’s sobs were punctuated with whimpers of pleasure which I knew so well from kneeling between Mady’s perfect thighs.

That thought, Mady’s perfect thighs, the scent of her pussy on the panties my face rested on, the vibrations on my protate and, now, the low moans of pleasure from our well whipped maid all lead my dam to break and my ejaculation to begin. As so as it did Hannah put down her whip and stood beside Mady as Mady came closer and closer to her own perfect pleasure. Hannah reached around and pinched Mady’s nipples through her sheer blouse. She pinched those nipples hard and Mady yelled, “Thank you Ma’am” and I felt her quake and gush as she hit her orgasm. It lasted quite a while and, when she was done, I think Hannah just unbuckled the dildo harness and slipped the vibe out of Mady and then, as an afterthought, out of me.

“There you are Mady. Well whipped, plus allowed an orgasm and now you will spend a quiet day remembering not to do things without permission and what happens to bond servants who do. elliot lock Mady in the box and bring me back the key.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I walked the still shaking maid down the corridor to the built in punishment box which we had told the builder was a broom closet. It was very narrow – a foot wide. It went to the ceiling but had shelves which could be slide in to force a person into a crouch and which had d-rings to allow a person’s hands to be bound over his or her (now) head. The box was light tight and entirely sound proof. I hated it.

Naked I stood behind my poor, whipped maid. There were a few flecks of blood on her bottom where the whip had crossed itself. Mady’s face was a mess with her mascara and eyeliner washed down her cheeks with her tears. I opened the door.

“Please Sir…”

“Not up to me Mady. You know that. Now get in.” I said never having been on the outside with the key. Reluctantly she turned sideways and slide in. Her pretty tits made it a tight squeeze. I had no instructions from Hannah about putting in a crouching shelf or binding Mady’s arms. Not that this would make her day in the dark much easier. Just less painful. I locked the door and walked the key back to Hannah.

“Excellent. Now don’t let me forget that poor girl is in there. While she is absent you can attend to my lingerie washing and, in a few minutes, help me get dressed.

UPDATE: In fact Hannah is not a cruel woman. An hour after I locked Mady in the box Hannah handed me the key. “I suspect she has learned her lesson.”

I let a tearful shaking Mady out of her confinement. “Oh Sir, thank you so much for letting me out. It’s awful.”

“It is Mady. I hate it. But the Lady of the House must be obeyed. I doubt you’ll forget that.”

“No sir.”

“So go and thank Hannah for your correction and we’ll get on with the day.”

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Christmas Gifts

415156_1_glamgirls-events-presents-a-ladies-shopping-psychic-and-pamper-evening_400Things have been hectic around here. Work mainly. But, I must admit, between the Lady of the House and our increasingly demanding maid Mady, I have been run off my feet.  Plus, and I don’t want to sound as if I am complaining, I have been locked up tight in my cock cage for months.

None of which excuses a lack of blogging. As Hannah was pointing out only the other day. “So darling,” she said over cocktails, “I think it might be fun for you to write about a few of the things we’re getting for Christmas. Especially your new items. I can’t tell you how much fun Mady and I have been having on Amazon. And you might mention what we are getting her for Christmas as well.”

Hannah has certainly been shopping up a storm. Because we live in the country it is much easier to get special items sent from Amazon. I don’t think Hannah would be the slightest bit embarrassed walking into a store and buying some of these; quite the contrary. But getting just the right thing is often easier online. What has amazed Hannah is the broad variety of very sexy items you can order from Amazon.

For example: You may remember The Lady of the House taking her maid with a double ended dildo? Well Hannah promised Mady a double dildo all her own (and you just know where it will be used) and we’ve ordered it from Amazon. Here’s the link.

Some delightful reader has bought herself a really good vibrator and the Lady of the House has decided that I will be putting a similar vibrator in both her and our maid’s stockings. “This is the sort of power tool a man should be getting for Christmas.” said Hannah.

Apparently my own stocking will have a few items.

“Much as I love your current cock cage dear, I think it is time for you to have your chastity encased in steel once in a while. I had Mady look for something nice and small for your little cock and she found this: a nice short steel male chastity cage.

“And while she was looking for a nice steel cage our lovely little maid came across something which I think will look adorable and remind you of your position: stainless steel ball stretching weights. No, really. Who knew. The best part is you get five of them so we’ll start you off slowly.”

“I was doing my own shopping and I remembered how much you have enjoyed your stainless steel wand. Which I really have to use on you more often. Remind me to tell Mady to put it out for your morning mindfulness. But I ran across the cutest butt plugs from the same maker. So I am getting you a nice medium plug and we’re going to surprise our adorable little maid with an addition to her evening uniform – won’t you have fun pushing a small stainless steel plug right up her tight little backdoor.”

“And, speaking of Mady, I’ve ordered her three, quarter cup, bras. There is no point in hiding those pretty perky pink nipples is there. Plus, and I bet you’ll love this, for her day wear winter uniform, I have ordered some lovely, very sheer, blouses. Call it my little Christmas present to you.”

“Oh, and stockings. The fully fashioned, seamed Cervin for me.” said Hannah with an smile, “And some unseamed Cervin stockings for our little maid of all work. And a pair of lingerie gloves each to avoid runs.”

What I had not told Hannah was that one of my presents for her was a pair of long, lambskin, Italian gloves which I knew she had been coveting.

It has been a busy business year, made all the more successful by my darling wife ensuring that I remembered my position while, at the same time, performing my alpha male duties as a business man and consultant. And a good year always means diamonds for the Lady of the House. Under the tree, which I still have to get, will be a little pair of diamond hoop earings.

Always better to give than to receive.

UPDATE: Hannah has a few thoughts on The Gift of Chastity at her blog.