It’s Complicated

submissive husband, dominant wife, male  chastityIt does not look as though I will be getting out of my girdle soon or my cock cage ever. I am quite reconciled to my chastity simply because it makes Hannah so pleased to have my cockette as she calls it under lock and key. The girdle is less appealing. Not because of the discomfort, rather because of the humiliation of wearing this very feminine garment daily. And it will be all the worse if Hannah finds a Maid because I know she’ll know that I have to wear a girdle.

Hannah likes to, as she puts it, bring out my feminine side but, in a funny sort of a way, she would hate it if I was any less than masculine in my dealings with the rest of the world. She want me submissive to her but out cutting and thrusting with the rest of the entrepreneurs I work with. And she is perfectly delighted to play the part of the elegant, imperious and very supportive wife in public. She does not expect or want my submission where there are the social games of position to be played. Not at all. She wants and expects to compete and win. Which is a huge help to me.

As well, my job is to do the male things around the house just like any other husband (but with no nagging because Hannah does not nag, she sends me to my corner and gets her cane). So the little repairs and maintenance tasks are all mine.

While there are certainly times when the Lady of the House requires me to be more than a little feminine, most of the time she wants a deeply submissive alpha male. Suits me.

One More Day in My Girdle… Or Not

414YmYJIhtL“So Darling, just one more day until the end of March and the end of your required daily girdle. You’ve done very well. Your tummy is smaller and all that walking has really trimmed those silly love handles.”

Hannah could see exactly my progress because I was standing naked except for my cock cage pressing her yesterday panties into the corner with my nose.

“So tomorrow will be the last day you’ll be required to wear your girdle. But, you’ve been such a lamb about it. Never once complaining about how tight your girdle is or how humiliated you must feel wearing such a feminine garment every day. Your posture is really much better in your girdle and I haven’t heard you mention that lower back pain you were complaining about at Christmas. So I had a thought.

Maybe it’s time to make a girdle a part of your permanent lingerie wardrobe. We could order you a couple of new ones from Amazon. A little smaller of course.

Now you don’t have to tell me what you think right now. You know I don’t like you speaking during your corner time but we can discuss it at cocktails before I make up my mind. But I have to tell you that I like how you look and how you behave when you are all nice and tight in a pretty little side zip girdle. And I think I’ll also buy you a full body shaper for when I’d like a more feminine silhouette; nothing too extreme, just “B” cups.”

I was breathing a little faster in my corner and Hannah’s panty scent was intoxicating. The thought that I was finally going to be girdle free had been a huge incentive the last couple of weeks. Now Hannah had obviously decided that my girdle discipline, like my cock cage and morning corner time was to be a permanent part of our marriage. She would certainly listen to any real objections I might have at cocktails; but mild discomfort wouldn’t count and my humiliation would be a positive bonus.

And, in fact, my opinion didn’t matter a bit. My role is to be a submissive, obedient, husband. Hannah makes the decisions in our marriage and if she thinks I should wear a girdle the I should and do the best I can to make that discipline pleasing to her. It is just that simple.

Not happy about the reduction in size though.

Surprise Release

March is practically over and, delightfully, Hannah has let me out of my cock cage a couple of times. Just for a bit of relief. And she is wonderfully strict. “You can make your little mess but let’s get this done quickly.” I have about a minute to get hard before Hannah begins to pinch my nipples and telling me “Now hurry up. Make your little cockett squirt. Then you can lick up every drop.” It doesn’t take long and I have to clean up the mess I’ve made in the sake cup. Hannah doesn’t even let me take the cock cage ring which goes behind my balls off when I am masturbating for her. As soon as I have liked up the last drop of my come she’ll say,”Did you enjoy that Darling… Good. Now get your cage back on and we’ll put you away again.” I stuff my limp cock in my cage and the Lady of the House snaps the padlock shut.

I am a very lucky man.

(According to our Amazon statistics this month fourteen husbands and boyfriends had cock cages ordered for them. Enforced chasitity is not for every male but it is a wonderful way of affirming your position in a Female Led Relationship. For men in my position who are not yet locked up, maybe April will be the month when your wife or girlfriend takes the decision to finally end your control of your sexuality. I have to say that since I have been caged I have been happier, more relaxed and even more deeply submissive than I ever was when my cock was in my control. Yes, morning erections – particularly with my regime of low dose Viagra, are uncomfortable but that is an excellent alarm clock so I can get on with making Hannah’s tea and doing my morning meditation in the corner with my nose pressed in her panties. A cock cage makes a man’s submission constant and irrevocable. As it should be.)

On Being Caged: the New Normal

I have been in my cock cage since the first of March. Reading the blogs of other chaste husbands I have been struck by how they long to be free of their chastity. Much whimpering and begging and tales of painful, broken, erections.

I have my fair share of discomfort as my morning wood fills my cage or Hannah gives me a little tease before bed;but that is all part of the sense of having my cock taken away from me.

When I first started wearing my cage it felt strange. My cock was isolated, beyond my control, beyond even my touch. It felt very odd, wrong even. But as my time in my cage went from being occasional to constant I have begun to forget how it felt for my cock to be free. The soft cage is like wearing five or six thick condoms. While it pinches my balls occasionally, I hardly notice the cage most of the time. Only when, involuntarily, I get hard does the cage bite. Most of the time the lack of sensation where my cock used to twitch barely registers.

Wearing a girdle most of the day simply adds to my sensation of incompleteness. I used to have a cock and balls and the masculine sensations which went with them. Now I have nothing except the constant reminder that Hannah holds the keys to the lock and is not inclined to use them.

Before I was caged I had not idea how powerful absence could be; now I know my sexuality, or at least the capacity to do anything about it has been erased by a carefully molded piece of eight inch thick silicone. Our marriage now truly has only one sexuality – Hannah’s.

Which is how my darling wants it and how it should be. I suspect many marriages would be much deeper and more satisfying if wives caged up their husbands and husbands accepted the complete submission a cock cage creates

Girdled for Church

“Of course you’re wearing your girdle to church Darling. And you always wear your little cock cage so hurry up and get ready. I don’t like to be late and you’re handing out the bulletin and helping with the collection today.” Hannah said working on he light church make up. I had hoped she would give me a day off, at least my girdle, because I’ve made real progress on my weight, down five and a half pounds and toning my arms and legs. The squats are rounding my bottom “Very spankable” says Hannah.

But my Darling is strict. She agreed that I was making progress. “of course you are Dear. All that walking and the light weights. But rules are rules and you will be wearing your day girdle until you’ve lost the required weight and I’m satisfied.”

Romance and the Chaste Husband

submissive husbandHannah has posted at her blog about What Women Want. Of course I agree with what she’s said, especially when she says that men are not good at guessing. But there is nothing less attractive in a relationship than to have one partner having to tell the other what to do constantly. Especially when it comes to something like “romance”. A submissive husband needs to get that one right on his own.

First thing to know as a submissive husband: for women the whole romance/sex matrix is fraught. Many women have found themselves feeling pressured for sex as a price to be paid for a nice dinner or a dozen roses – or, for that matter, for doing the laundry or taking the garbage out. So, as a Man in My Position I have learned never to have the slightest expectation that any thing I do or say will lead to sex. Leave aside the fact that I am now in a cock cage pretty much full time, Hannah has made it very clear that I’ll have sex when and if she wants to have sex with me…cage or not.

While this chastity is frustrating it is a huge part of how Hannah choses to run our marriage. Which leaves me with a very easy route to romance. I buy her pretty things, make delicious food and remember flowers as a matter of course without the slightest expectation of sex. More to the point, I pay attention to her, ask her questions, compliment her, help her with her stockings, run and scent her bath simply to love and serve her…

The point being that romance, paying attention, being in love is the full time occupation. Sex, per se, is a delightful bonus. Not that The Lady of the House is unaware. She loves to tease and she certainly enjoys my oral attentions on a very regular basis. But I am under no illusion; most of that is for her pleasure. As it should be.

March madness

submissive husband, husband in lingerie

A Good, Firm, Girdle

I was standing in my corner this morning, naked except for my cock cage, nose pressed tightly into Hannah’s yesterday panties, hands behind my back and bottom still showing the stripes and bruising of my punishment. I heard Hannah get out of bed and rustle in a closet behind me. She found what she was looking for.

“Darling, we’ll be going to the lake in a couple of months an I want you to look your best. You’re not twenty one any more but there’s no reason why you can’t make sure you work off that last little bit of Holiday cheer. A bit of exercise and a little less rich food and you’ll look wonderful.”

“We’ll start with a good firm girdle and walking. Now that the weather is better you should be able to do a couple of miles a day. Your girdle will remind you. Now put this on.”

Hannah must have ordered it from Amazon. It was the same Rage side zip garment but one size smaller than the two I was used to wearing. Not impossible but tight. And awkward to get my cock cage settled discreetly. This one was black and, as I fastened the hooks and eyes before zipping it I realized that for it to fit property I would need to lose or shift a couple of inches from my hips and tummy.

Hannah watched as I struggled with my new girdle. When I had it zipped up she said, “Well that’s very pretty but you need to lose twenty pounds for it to be really cute. I have a few things I’ve ordered to help you with your workouts which will start when they get here. Now, before you get to work, how goes the maid search? Maybe we should look for a girl who is a personal trainer or yoga teacher as well.”

“Yes dear.” I said thinking it would be a long month.