Broken Erection

A number of dominant wives and a couple of men in my position have written asking what my cock cage does to my erections. With Hannah’s amused permission I took a couple of shots of my typical morning erection in my cage.


You can see them by clicking on the more button below. As you can see my cockette fills the cage and pulls it upwards. My testicles – which are pretty full at the moment – are left quite exposed. The enlarged head of my cockette pushes up through the slot in my device. If she’s awake, Hannah some times uses her nails to tease me through the slot. Or she’ll squeeze my testicles. But mainly she just lets the cage control my cockette until my erection goes away. (more…)

A Proper Place

The Lady of the House has written about locking me up in my chastity device. She has decided she prefers me locked in place.

Of course I don’t have a vote but I am allowed an opinion: I would strongly recommend a chastity device for any man who really wants to be submissive to his wife.

At our house I have to put the device on myself and as it is quite small I need to avoid any excitement or I can’t fit it on. Hannah is more than capable of having me kneel with my cock in ice water until any hint of engorgement vanishes. Once I am in the device Hannah clicks the brass padlock shut.

When I first started wearing my cage she would let me out in a couple of days. That stretched to a week and then, in January I was kept locked for the entire month with a couple of very short breaks. The medical grade silicone is easy to keep clean and I find I can shower in the device although Hannah often lets me out for a quick, usually cold, shower. As I have written before, when I am in my cage my cock is isolated and feels very little. If I get excited, and Hannah enjoys exciting me, I get hard quickly. The cage let’s me have about half an erection. More than that hurts. Not horribly, just enough to be a bit unpleasant.

All of which means that the only time I have a full erection with all the pleasure that entails is when Hannah is in the mood to have my cock give her greater pleasure. Which means that the device ensures that my sexual pleasure is non-existent except when to woman I love wants to enjoy her pleasures.

Which is how it should be in a wife led marriage. The cock cage keeps me focused on my place, on my position.

Husbandly Duties

“The Lady of the House would like to be pleasured.”said Hannah as she slipped off her panties and lay back on our bed. I don’t have to be told twice and in an instant I was licking her sweet Pussy. Her lovely clit began to harden and swell and I focused my attention were my tongue could do the most good. Hannah likes it when I suck her little swollen bud into my mouth and run my tongue back and forth.

My cock was uncomfortably hard in its little cage and I knew I wasn’t getting out because the key was nowhere to be seen. Hannah was getting very close.

“Go to your corner.” she gasped. I took her moist panties and was undressing. “Turn your back.” she’d seen me watching her pleasuring her wet little cunt. I obeyed and plunged my nose into the wet cotton gusset of he black panties pressed into my corner. I wasn’t there very long before I heard the sweet sounds of Hannah’s orgasm. I knew better than to look around as the pleasure coursed through Hannah’s lovely, lithe, body. A few minutes later I heard her get out of bed and get fresh panties from her lingerie drawer.

She came over to where I was standing, “You really are getting very good at my pleasure. Rinse out those panties and get the cocktail things ready.”

Pure pleasure.

Check in

“Darling,” I heard Hannah’s voice behind me as I pressed her moist panties into my corner. She didn’t expect an answer.

“I’ve been thinking. You seem to have adjusted to your little cock cage very well. And being locked up has certainly made you much more docile and attentive.”

“I had thought of letting you out this weekend but you know I am not at all sure that would be good for you. Maybe I’ll put in your milker instead. I don’t want you to think I have completely forgotten your little cock. And I will be sure to give you a good long whipping and when I’m done you can show me just how well a caged man can use his tongue.”

“The thing is I don’t think you are ready to have an actual orgasm for a while. Now that you are used to your cage I think you can go quite a bit deeper. So you will.”

I heard Hannah get out of bed and I felt her hand cup my balls. “I want these to be really full all the time. We’ll milk you and then let you fill back up for Valentine’s Day. When you hear the timer rinse out my panties and get to work.”

Gentleman’s Fancy

Every month the Lady of the House reviews what our readers have purchased through our Amazon links. She makes notes for her own purchases and purchases for use by or on me. Here are a few which have caught her eye:

  • cane for whipping submissive husband


    Master Series Intense Impact Cane, Red. Someone is going to be very sore. A solid plastic cane of this heft has to be used carefully as even light strokes will be intense. I would hate to be punished with this.
  • enema

    Clean and Fresh

    Cleanstream Enema Bulb, Red The Lady of the House rarely gives me an enema but when she does she uses a full enema bag. This little device would let me take care of my own backdoor cleanliness.
  • girdle


    Rago Women’s Hi Waist Bike Shaper Pretty and ideal for those days when the Lady of the House doesn’t want me caged but does want me well girdled. We don’t own this one but have several similar. Hannah thinks the pink and black would be cute.
  • cock cage, chastity device


    Silicone Male Chastity Device, Adult Penis Male Defend Chastity Belt Lock Cage (Pink) This is the model but not the colour which Hannah has me wearing as I write. It is designed to be quite small. It is comfortable and very discreet. Along with not being able to touch my little cock, after a while, I loose any sense of having a cock. Hannah leaves me in this for days at a time. It takes away my sexual awareness in any physical sense…just leaves me longing.
  • dominant wife stories

    hot domina

    Dominant Wives: Erotic Tales of Marital Femdom, Chastity, Cuckolding, Husband Humiliation & More! Hannah likes to have me read Kindle books of this sort when I am caged. This way we can give the book a “discomfort” rating. This is a collection of stories and some of them made me very hard very quickly. Try it yourself.
  • dominant wife

    How To

    The Hesitant MistressUntil Hannah finishes her own book “An Elegant Woman’s Guide to Female Led Marriages” this book is the one she recommends to women beginning to lead their relationships. It is also ideal for men who would like their wives to take charge.
  • Of course many of out readers just go into to Amazon through our links to buy things which are entirely unrelated to female led relationships, or gifts for their lovely dominant wives or any number of things…for which we are very grateful.

    Of Course You Need a Whipping

    dominant wife, submissive husband

    Bend over…

    “Well it has been much too long since you’ve been whipped darling. So pull up your nighty and bend over.”

    Hannah was right, it had been too long. Holidays, good behaviour, the lasting effects of a daily ten minutes pressing her panties into my corner and thinking of her. Perhaps the little black chastity cage where my cock has been since New Years Eve reminds me to be on my best behaviour. But I had not been whipped for weeks.

    There was no nonsense with Hannah. I took my position and I heard the cane slice through the air. the first six strokes were fairly light as Hannah found her range. The next six were firmer and the cane began to bite.

    “Lovely. All nice and red. But now dear it is time for you to have some real stripes. Six should be sufficient today.”

    With that Hannah drew her cane back and put some real force into the next stroke. She has whipped me harder but not much. Three more strokes lined my bottom and I knew what was coming. After the straight strokes are the crosses where Hannah brings her cane down at 45 degrees and each place it crosses an earlier stroke is blistered. I braced for the first cross stroke and vocalized as it came. Two more each an inch away from the last and Hannah was done.

    “Now, you can go to your corner and think about how much you want to avoid a punishment caning this year. And no rubbing.”

    Hannah peeled off her moist panties and pointed me to my corner, bottom blazing.

    “I’ll call you when you’re done.” she said leaving me in my corner.

    Loved, cherished and slightly bruised.

    Submissive Husband’s Best New Year’s Moves

    dominant wife, submissive husband, FLR rules

    Submissive Husband’s Rules

    Yes, a little late but there it is. ‘This the season for advice listicles and here are a few submissive husband bullet points:

    • The word of the vow are “Love, honour and obey”. Women have been making this promise for centuries. Now it is our turn. But there are three words and obey comes last.
    • She knows you are horney. Whether you are caged or simply on the honour system, or like me kept chaste with a little of both, your wife knows you are sexuality on edge. Frustrated. And it just doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t because…
    • In a Female Led relationship only the female’s sexual desires matter. Submissive husbands learn to accept their place as eunuchs unless and until their wives wish to use them sexually.
    • Submissive husbands accept their wife’s right to discipline as necessary. Accepting that your wife will whip you at any time for any reason for as long as she believes is necessary is a huge step towards the real submission which is the key to a happy female led marriage.
    • A submissive male is exquisitely polite and deferential to his wife and her female friends. He accepts and embraces his wife, from time to time, deciding to flirt with other men. Should she decide to go further he knows that this is entirely her prerogative. It may well be that she will instruct him to make her arrangements just as he books her hair appointments or hand washes her lingerie.
    • A submissive husband loses the right to judge or criticise his wife. If she asks for his opinion – which rarely happens – his is obliged to give it but also to consider her superiority.
    • A submissive husband’s expression of his own masculinity is decided by his wife. Some wives will want Alpha males out in the world competing, others will prefer their husbands at home, in skirts and aprons. Some will want a little of both. The important thing is that the submissive husband offer his wife a range of choices and accept, gladly, his wife’s decision.
    • The dominant wife is the decision maker in the home – from religion to finances, social life to recreation her word is final. She may ask for her husband’s input but that is up to her.
    • A submissive husband, whether he works or not, should be kept on a strict allowance. If he needs money he should ask his wife so she can decide if he should have it.
    • A submissive husband is required, without being told, to keep himself attractive for his wife. In particular, he needs to keep his figure, shave as his wife requires, wear his hair in a style she prefers and wear such clothing, lingerie and scents as she decides.
    • A submissive husband can expect to serve his wife and, on occasion, her friends as a servant rather than an equal. His humiliation is of no significance.
    • dominant wife, submissive husband, female led marriage

    • Out in the world a submissive husband walks half a pace behind his wife, carries her purse and any packages or bags she may acquire. When she purchases an item she will instruct him to pay from her wallet.
    • Unless told otherwise, a submissive husband never drives. He also has to ask to use the remote control.
    • Finally, whether locked in a chastity device or not, a submissive husband always seats himself to urinate.

    Do my readers have any of these sorts of rules to add. Leave them in the comments please.