The Gift of Surrender

Over at her blog Hannah has been discussing her views of the ways in which a dominant woman can tame and train an Alpha male. And, of course, she’s right;but the other side of the equation is important to understand.

A bright, aggressive, successful man is not going to suddenly fall under the spell of a dominant woman. Instead he will meet a women who intrigues him and then she will discover and bring out his submissive side. If he has one. Plenty of men don’t. They are just as aggressive and dominant in the bedroom as the boardroom. And plenty of women throughly enjoy the pleasures of being at the mercy of a powerful man.

But for men who are able to let go of their Alpha male personas either in the bedroom or around their marriage generally the rewards can be huge. First off, putting your wife first makes your own life simpler. While healthy couples discuss most issues in a Female Led Marriage the wife makes the decision. As a loving, submissive, husband, once your wife has made up her mind you do what you are told. No back chat or second guessing.

In the bedroom, at least in our bedroom, I am now locked in my cock cage which means for me to even have a comfortable erection I have to ask Hannah to unlock me. Which I never do because Hannah’s invariant and correct response is “no”. That, by the way, is really the only difference being caged makes – before I could get hard without permission, now I can’t.

I am certainly allowed, even encouraged to ask to pleasure Hannah but that is all I am allowed. Asking for relief of my own needs never works and, if I am annoying, will lead to half an hour in my corner or a whipping or both.

What all of this does is eliminate my need to be anything but devoted and considerate. When I stop work for the day I stop having to make decisions. Hannah has routines for me and if I am at a loss she is more than happy to tell me exactly what to do.

By giving up any power at all in our marriage I have gained peace and contentment I never thought possible. Hannah, from time to time, makes demands or indulges little quirks;but she is always in charge. As she should be.

Caged Pleasures

Hannah had been a bit intense all day and I thought I might be in for a maintenance whipping when she came to our bedroom around three. She took off her trousers and tossed her panties in my corner and lay back on our bed. “Well, get to work.” she said spread her legs. And I did.

I liked and sacked her sweet button and,rather quickly my darling Hannah grew close to coming.

“My panties are in your corner… Off you go.” I kissed her wet Pussy and did as I was told. A minute or two later I could hear her bucking and moaning as she gave herself sweet relief in privacy. My nose was pressed to the panties into my corner.

“Too bad you’re locked up and the keys downstairs. It might have been fun to feel you little cock in me. Get me a fresh pair of panties.”

I hastened to comply and watched as Hannah slipped them on.

“I like you caged”, she said, “It feels right for you. Especially when you get excited pleasuring me. For a moment there I thought your cock would feel nice but, without the key, I realized today was not one of those days. Not one of those days at all.”

I went back to work.


According to Amazon there are now four men who are likely to be spending some or all of the holidays locked in cock cages. As Hannah wrote, having my cock in a cage is symbolic:I was chaste and my sexuality was under Hannah’s control long before she locked me up. The fact that as I write my cock is in its little black silicon prison and has been for several days is certainly symbolic but it also has quite practical effects.

In my cage it is impossible for my cock to get fully erect. It can, uncomfortably, get and stay semi-erect and the ball ring keeps it engorged. At the same time the soft silicone insulates my cock and means that it gets next to no stimulation.

The lack of stimulation does not, however, mean that I am unaware of my cock. If anything the cage increases my awareness of the practical absence of my cock. Other than the discomfort of my broken erections, unless Hannah releases me, I simply feel nothing between my legs. Where my little cock had been there is a soft, black apparatus and a shiny brass padlock.

Hannah had worried that locking up my cock would lead me to thinking too much about it. After a few days caged this has not been the case. What I focus on is Hannah and her pleasures and enjoyment. I know that once I have pushed my cock into its cage and handed Hannah my key she largely forgets that I have a cock or that she has the key. And she is, I think, training me to focus on other, more useful and attractive things.

A final point, a lot of the writing about being locked in chastity focuses on how the cage keeps men horney because they are not allowed to come. As a man who was allowed to come only a few times a year even before my cock was “put away” I didn’t think this would be an issue for me. I was wrong. The deadening physical effect of the cage has made Hannah’s pleasure and her occasional teasing all the more precious to me because it reminds me of my place and what I have given away to become a man in my position. Lying locked up between Hannah’s thighs licking her sweet Pussy with two fingers still in her cunt and one two knuckles up her back door I know that my whole focus is on her orgasm, on filling my mouth with her sweetness and obediently swallowing her luscious liquids. And because I know she has left my key downstairs on her desk I am in no doubt that whether the Lady of the House chosen to finish on my tongue or in the privacy having me standing naked in my corner affords her, the last thing on her mind is my little cock straining in its cage.

Soon four more men are going to enjoy the pleasure of giving their sexuality to the women they adore. They can look forward to a happy New Year.


“So you just keep standing there pushing my nice moist panties into your corner. I want to see how hard your little cock can get in its cage.”

I was, as I always am for my morning corner time, naked except for my cock cage. Hannah ran her hand over my bottom.

“We’ll have to give you a good whipping over the weekend. I think you look better with welts and it makes going to church a bit more fun to see you fidgeting in your girdle.”

She slipped her hand between my cheeks and I could feel first one and the two of her fingers slip into my backdoor while she began stroking my nipples with her other hand.

“And maybe I should get your rod for your little backdoor. Put it up you for cocktails so you are all nice and stretched if I want to peg you after your whipping. You’d like that wouldn’t you. At least your little cock seems to be getting very hard in your cage… We’ll, darling, I’m sure your exercises will take care of your cute little election and that little dribble of pre cum will rinse off in the shower. I’ll just go and wash my hands and set your timer. When you hear it ring you may leave your corner and get on with your day.”

With that I felt Hannah’s fingers slide out of my bottom and she gave my left nipples a pinch between the nails of her thumb and middle finger as she does when she wants me to come. But there was none of that this morning. Just the vicious pinch and then silence as I push no nose further into the cotton gusset of her panties and felt my hard cock broken by its cage.


“You do look cute, if a little cold standing in your corner with nothing on but your little black cock cage.” said Hannah sipping her tea in bed. “I’ve made you a little list of things I expect you to have accomplished by Christmas. Nothing too extreme… Just a dozen Kindle books and this year’s Christmas cards and a couple of other things. And I want you to lose another five pounds and tighten up your thighs, bottom and tummy. So you’ll be back in your girdle during the day and walking and some squats and bench steps before your shower and again after you get the dishes put away after dinner.”

“You’ll be putting your girdle on after your morning exercise and shower and it’s not coming off until after dinner.”

“I have to say I am really impressed with your little black cock cage. It keeps you completely out of the way and you can even shower in it. I’m hoping to get you a stiffer plastic cage or even a metal one when I want to remind you of your position, but for everyday, this little cage is perfect.”

“So, after I get up, rinse out those panties and the two bras I’ve left by the sink, then exercises, shower, girdle and get to work on your list.”

I heard Hannah get out of bed and head towards her ensuite. My day had begun and Advent was upon us.

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Sunday Morning Pleasure then Cane

“I must say I do like having your little cock in its cage.” said Hannah stoking my nipples and making me harden without having anywhere to grow. “You can go down and plug the kettle in and then wait until it boils in your corner. Make my tea and then clean up the kitchen a bit while I enjoy it. I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

I did as I was told and, a few minutes after bringing Hannah her tea I heard her call. When I reached our bedroom she was lying with her nightie hiked up over her hip. “Lick and slip a couple of fingers in me.”

I was thrilled to comply and, after a few minutes of delicious Pussy licking Hannah panted, “Go to your corner.”

I pressed my nose into the intoxicating scent of Hannah’s panties and listed as she went over her edge.

“I’d like some more tea now.” she said. “And as it is steeping we can cane the erection away and you can have some pretty welts for Church.”

Six, to be precise. Which made the pew nearly unbearable. I am back in my position.